No, Trudeau didn't photobomb those prom kids -

No, Trudeau didn’t photobomb those prom kids

The photograph of Justin Trudeau running through a crowd of prom goers wasn’t a photobomb but part of a staged publicity campaign

(Photograph by Adam Scotti)

(Photograph by Adam Scotti)

Found: Justin Trudeau in your latest photo album.

Lost: the proper definition for “photobomb.”

Last week brought the latest polaroid for Trudeau’s public relations scrapbook, when a picture emerged of a group of teenagers standing by the Vancouver waterfront before prom just as the Prime Minister casually jogged by in the background.

Trudeau prom bomb

Cue the international headlines: “Canada’s Justin Trudeau photobombs students’ prom picture” (BBC), Trudeau Just Casually Photobombed This Epic Prom Picture Full of Teens (Time); Justin Trudeau Prom PM… Photobomb Master (TMZ); Justin Trudeau Photobombs A Prom Picture, Which Makes Him King (Huffington Post).

Not to get all technical, but the definition of a photobomb is: “to ruin a photograph by appearing in the image without the photographer’s knowledge.”

And the Prime Minister would have a hard time arguing that he photobombed kids getting ready for prom when the picture was surreptitiously taken by Trudeau’s own personal photographer, Adam Scotti.

“This is part of a little side project to document the places we go and the runs we go on,” wrote Scotti on his Instagram account, offering some backstory to his widely-circulated photo. “Sometimes it’s just scenic shots, other times, it’s running past an unsuspecting grad group—half clued in, others were more distracted by the ginger with the camera.”

If anything, the prom goers photobombed Trudeau’s running picture, since only Trudeau and his photographer knew the picture was happening.

Such semantics gone wrong wouldn’t be such a big deal except this is hardly Trudeau’s first “photobomb” since becoming Liberal leader. Trudeau was topless in Tofino, B.C. when a photographer snapped a pic of him in the background at a beach wedding and posted it on her Twitter account.

Then there was the time Trudeau “photobombed” a bridal party in 2014—again with his own photographer.

Trudeau photobombSure, Trudeau’s attendance in all cases was a surprise to the other people in the frame—but it’s still not a photobomb. And what once appeared like a pleasant coincidence of timing for whomever gets to pose with the Prime Minister, it’s starting to feel even more like a staged exercise than it was before.

To get a photo of Trudeau jogging past the prom goers, for example, his staff photographer would have had to run ahead of Trudeau’s planned route, set up his equipment, and then get the shot ready just as Trudeau ran by. It’s no wonder the teenagers were likely “distracted by the ginger with the camera,” as Scotti himself said. How could they expect the Prime Minister to use the well-dressed prom group as a PR prop?

And for the record, here’s what an actual photobomb by Trudeau looks like.


No, Trudeau didn’t photobomb those prom kids

  1. Nothing like the facts to get a good story straight. It seems lately every reporter and every tweeter who decides to run a smear campaign on Trudeau, only find days later the true facts always arise and the smear has been done, just wish all these reporters and tweeters would only apologize as fast as they are to smear. I’m still waiting for the media to apologize for the smears when Trudeau was accused of conflict of interest for ‘pay to play’ as they call it, i know, good luck with that. Its so easy to smear, but so difficult to apologize for assaulting a reputation with unsubstantiated charges, or the facts.

    • A smear campaign?? It was staged dude, you can totally tell!!!

  2. Whoa whoa whoa. I never thought I’d have to correct a Canadian journalist with a fact check! So, I know the actual meaning of the definition of a photobomb and was saddened to see the writer only post HALF the definition to suit his story. So, here’s the WHOLE truth (and nothing but the truth):

    Photobombing is the act of accidentally or purposely putting oneself into the view of a photograph, often in order to play a practical joke on the photographer or the subjects.


    In other words, yes, the photographer can be in on it.

    A quick Google will show this definition from multiple sources.

    I can’t believe I have to fact check Maclean’s now.

  3. The Prime minister is a Yoga buff, keeps healthy, is photogenic, is young and full of Energy, an excellent brand image for a young and dynamic Canada what better could we ask for? I would say, let us keep it up, and encourage the PM’s excellent to do even a better job of it!

    • Someone smart? Not a university drop out. Someone who actually knows he’s spending other people’s money not his trust fund. Someone who wouldn’t put Canada $30,000,000 in debt every year. Someone who would keep his election promises…you know…election reform, open government. Someone who doesn’t fly his wife, kids, nannies, psycho mom, in-laws, press and assorted hangers on all over the world at public expense.

      • Excellent comment but don’t waste your time. There is no dealing with sense or logic when stupid is involved.

        They are in love with the Trust Fund Fop and rational thought on the deceit of it all is not their forte. They just lap up the manufactured memes.

    • Mo, the qualities you listed are excellent qualifications for, say, a reality TV show contestant (The Bachelor and Survivor come to mind). However, when it comes to a Prime Minister, most Canadians want something a little bit more substantial – like brains, experience and seriousness of purpose. Constantly photobombing strangers’ weddings and prom nights is not the mark of a serious person.

  4. OOOhh he’s sooo Dreamy …Show us your TITS Justine…

    • He’ll show his enTITlements.

  5. Tsk…..Con envy is a hilarious thing.

    But hey, you guys had ten years.

  6. Justin is suppose to be a responsible, serious adult (he is running a country you know – or maybe he isn’t – it is hard to tell who is making policy in Ottawa). So my question is – is he a responsible, serious adult or not? My response is not!

  7. He really is a twit isn’t he?