Ottawa cracks down on temporary foreign workers

Critic calls new regulations “worst decision for business” since 2006


OTTAWA – Tough new regulations kick in today aimed at quelling fears that foreigners are snatching jobs from Canadians.

The rules empower government officials to conduct workplace inspections without warrants and to blacklist employers who aren’t complying.

The regulations also allow government officials to interview foreign workers about their working conditions and to demand documentation from employers proving they’ve complied with the federal Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

The rules stipulate that work permits will be revoked if an employer is discovered to have provided false information that “is having or will have a significant negative effect on the labour market in Canada.”

The changes follow a furor last spring over laid-off workers at RBC being ordered to train their replacements, including those who came to Canada on temporary worker permits.

A B.C. mining company was also in hot water for hiring more than 200 Chinese workers after an ad seeking Mandarin-speakers failed to attract Canadian applicants.

But Daniel Kelly, head of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, calls the crackdown “the worst decision for business since the Harper government took office in 2006.”

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Ottawa cracks down on temporary foreign workers

  1. About time that Canadian companies realised that it is not any governments job to get workers trained. It is their job.

    • It isn’t the ‘job’ of a company to train workers.

      Companies HIRE trained workers.

      • Do they?
        Or do they turn away graduates due to a lack of experience?
        RBC paid their employees to train their contracted replacements. My own company did the same.
        It seems that training will be provided, but only under certain circumstances.
        How hypocritical!

        • Yes, they do.

          BIG difference between ‘training’ someone to say, be a trades person, or ‘training’ them to know the way a company does things.

  2. This appears to be one shovel load to begin to fill the deep hole the Conservatives have dug for themselves. Ironically, they had to risk alienating some of their base in order to do it.

    • Didn’t anger me at all. I say it’s about time Canadian workers came out on top, not someone from India or China.

    • I was referring more to the CFIB, Chamber of Commerce, the Kevin O’Leary types, you know, the “let the market decide” basically who gets screwed to dodge responsibility for their greedy self-indulgent decisions.

  3. This is how successful government programs come into being. You start with an idea, then you incrementally improve it and fix unforeseen problems. Unlike the Liberals who would just keep throwing good money after bad, hoping that would somehow turn a bad policy into a good policy.

    Good job government.

    • Only done because they got caught!

      • How’s the Adscam investigation progressing?

  4. Oh, goody. So government officials can raid places of business and revoke work permits at any time they choose? I can’t see this ever being abused or further harming overall employment levels.

  5. The new rules may give them right to inspect…. that doesn’t mean they will.
    I agree with Michael Cowtan; it is the responsibility of business to train their workers. It is also their responsibility to create positions that attract applicants in the first place. After years of business concentrating on reducing benefits, wages, and employees, I have no pity for them. Cut off the supply of ‘temporary’ replacements – seriously, who considers four years ‘temporary’?! – and let the chips fall where they may.