Aid agency document reveals Liberals’ refugee plan

The working plan shows 1,000 refugees will be flown to Canada every day, with considerations for ‘lodging sites’

Syrian refugees gather outside their embassy waiting to apply for passports or to renew their old passports, in Amman, Jordan, Sept.15, 2015. Somewhere right now, in a refugee camp in Amman or a rental apartment in Beirut or on a street in Istanbul, sits a Syrian hoping to be among the 25,000 people resettled to Canada, possibly by the end of the year.THE CANADIAN PRESS/ AP/Raad Adayleh

Syrian refugees gather outside their embassy waiting to apply for passports or to renew their old passports, in Amman, Jordan, Sept.15, 2015. Somewhere right now, in a refugee camp in Amman or a rental apartment in Beirut or on a street in Istanbul, sits a Syrian hoping to be among the 25,000 people resettled to Canada, possibly by the end of the year.THE CANADIAN PRESS/ AP/Raad Adayleh

The new Liberal government is developing plans to fly 1,000 Syrian refugees a day out of Amman, Jordan, according to a planning document obtained by SiriusXM’s Everything Is Political.

Refugees will then be flown to Toronto, Montreal and the military base in Trenton, Ont., the planning document shows. The internal aid agency report comes from a group tasked with helping to fulfill a Liberal campaign promise to get 25,000 Syrian refugees into Canada by the end of the year.

Once in Canada, the new arrivals will begin a “community integration” process, which starts with a 12-week stay in “interim lodging sites.” The number and location of these sites is still unknown, according to the document, but military bases and even docked cruise ships are being considered in Quebec and Ontario.

According to the Nov. 10 document, the working plan—which is still in development—would have refugees identified and selected by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, then put in a new, fast-track system: “expedited overseas processing, including a ‘fit to fly’ medical assessment to be performed primarily by the International Organization for Migration [IOM].” Canada is part of the IOM, along with 156 other countries.

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According to the document, “the plan is now approved,” and “official dialogue between the Government of Canada and Provincial/Territorial will start tomorrow,” referring to Nov. 11.

The document also reveals that the only departure point so far is Amman, Jordan, with up to three flights a day leaving for Canada. In an earlier interview, however, new Immigration Minister John McCallum told the Everything Is Political radio show that planes could also take off from Turkey and Lebanon.

The document says “limited primary health care” will also be provided by some support agencies in the interim lodgings. The immigration minister has already confirmed that up to 11,000 refugees might have to be housed on military bases. When contacted to confirm the details in these aid documents, the minister’s office had no comment.


Aid agency document reveals Liberals’ refugee plan

  1. Before going on the international stage we have people that need assistance here in Canada – Charity begins at home. Why is he burdening the military with these people they are not baby sitters but warriors.

  2. When this country was founded, God blessed it with an overabundance of common sense, logic and reason. It seems we have spent all that capital in the intervening years, and now we are thrashing at full speed down the same highway as Europe is, to our own destruction as a nation. Never in my 53 years on this planet have I witnessed such mass stupidity as we see today. To bring in 25,000 people who are not refugees into a country that has problems a plenty of it’s own, is tantamount to national suicide. Are we so blind to world events that we think we can escape the horrors now unfolding across the Atlantic? Do we really believe that 72% of those we are about to import [ that percentage is the UN’s own number ] who are combat aged males between 18 and 45 are just out looking for work? While the desire to help those less fortunate is a noble virtue, it is also blindingly stupid when those who we are trying to help are telling us over and over again that the on;y reason they are coming,, is to burn down our house.

  3. Why is this going ahead when the majority of Canadians are against it. We would like that money to go to our existing hungry, homeless, unemployed, and elderly. Germany has begun to deport Syrian refugees and Sweden has just implemented border checks. The safety and well being of Canadians should, and must be, the first priority. I also question why the military are being burdened since this is the respect that was shown on Remembrance Day in London a few years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yBc-6Lu_B0

  4. I’m unimpressed by the negativity of the comments – which among other things exhibit an ignorance of how Canada works and has for a very long time. While 25,000 sounds like a large number, it represents only 1/10th the number of temporary foreign workers resident in Canada or 42% of annual immigration from China alone while immigration provides more than 1/3rd of annual population growth (and still not turning the tide of aging population). Will this process be difficult and problematic – of course it will, especially given the previous government had put the whole process on hold and had no real commitment at all (this is a big 180). While the difficulties are many, we as a nation should choose to do what is right rather than what is easy. There are those that say ‘charity begins at home’ implying that that is also where it ends … fail! Also, we should have no time for prejudice dressed in the cloth of public interest.

  5. One would have to wonder why we can’t seem to look after the thousands of homeless CANADIANS already wandering the streets of the country, nor can we house thousands of aboriginals on reserves.

    but we have no problem bringing in thousands of people from a hostile culture and providing them all the comforts we deny those who were actually born here.

    • Amazing how some people are suddenly concerned about the homeless, now that it’s a useful complaint against a Liberal government policy.

      Crocodile tears.

  6. Mass third world migration is not a good idea, look at Sweden’s crime and rape statistics over the past couple decades: http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/6865/sweden-anarchy

    We have a backlog of almost 2 years for legal immigration applicants and our domestic impoverishment rate is rising.

    I was not a fan of Harper’s neocon tactics against ISIS but why can’t we help Syrian’s create a stable country of their own instead of importing people who don’t know the language or have any relevant economic skills?

    • do not have them here……go away we are full. I realize the PM s father was an objector during the war…. my father was not . To pull out of the middle east is a spineless move from a son of a spineless PM. Paris today is a sad one. Lets bring more middle easterners in Mr PM. You are as useless as your father was.

      • The government is not pulling out of the M.E. conflict. They are pulling out eight antiquated planes. Canada continues to have a role in enemy location technologies and in training. A role much appreciated by those allies who actually have functioning aircraft.

  7. I’m so thankful that Canada has overcome Jihadiphobia and decided to let us take over. Hopefully none of you will make a fuss when we take ourselves a woman who was walking the street alone. It is the current year after all, so we should be over xenophobia by now.

  8. After these Paris terrorist attacks, the Canadian PM
    must not rush the entry of refugees from Syria.
    Who cares if their settlement goes beyond Dec 31’15.
    Safety first, so slow and thorough screening is a must.

  9. Yeeeeh after witness these Paris attacks we should give this a second thought

  10. Apparently each refugee is getting 15000 in cash…..The Libs treat these people better than their own seniors…

  11. I think I finally realized our prime minister may have his own personal agenda tucked away in this refugee plan. When I checked the Government of Canada website, I learned that refugees become permanent residents the moment they arrive in Canada. Three years after that, those refugees can apply for citizenship. And guess what comes with that? It’s the right to vote, of course, for any adult refugee. So what Trudeau may well be doing is using our tax dollars to import thousands of voters just in time for the next federal election.

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