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12 Days of (Trudeau) Christmas

The Prime Minister and his family received a lot of gifts from around the world in 2016. We sing our way through some of the highlights.


In 2016, Justin Trudeau and his family have received an abundance of gifts from diplomats and heads of state around the world. As listed in a public registry of the Office of Conflicts of Interest and Ethics Commissioner, the gifts range from artwork to toys. In the holiday spirit, Maclean’s wrote lyrics to unwrap what the Prime Minister won’t need for Christmas.

On the first day of Christmas
Trudeau will not need
An LETV bicycle
Which was gifted by the Chinese

On the second day of Christmas,
Trudeau will not need
A bronze portrait of dad Pierre
From the Bangladesh president
Abdul Hamid

On the third day of Christmas
Trudeau will not need
Bars of gold from Cote D’Ivoire
Which he got from the nation’s president
Who came to Montreal
For a conference aimed at ending disease

On the fourth day of Christmas
Sophie Trudeau will not need
A crystal-studded handbag
From artists in Nova Scotia
In a town called Sydney

On the fifth day of Christmas
The Trudeaus also will not need

Five pairs of Aldo shoes!

A yoga mat for Sophie
Or a set of Japanese towels
Or a leather clutch
Or a Chinese necklace
Made of pearl beads

On the sixth day of Christmas
Trudeau’s children will not need
hockey jerseys signed
By Canada’s junior team

Five pairs of Aldo shoes

Scooters they can ride on
Goodies from U.A.E.
Or a pack of astronaut ice cream

On the seventh day of Christmas
Trudeau will not need
An original script of Star Wars
Signed by the director
Given by Obama
On his visit to the White House

Five pairs of Aldo shoes!

A portrait of himself
From a Chinese museum
Or a cape made from Alpaca
Or a bottle of sake

On the eighth day of Christmas
Trudeau will not need
A handmade guitar
From students in Saskatoon
Or a new tuxedo
Or an Italian notebook

Five pairs of Aldo shoes!

Or a vest made of seal skin
Mugs from John Deere
Or mittens made of moose hide
Patriotic indeed

On the ninth day of Christmas
Trudeau will not need
A Birks sportswatch
A Grand Seiko watch
A woman’s watch for Sophie
Definitely will not need a watch

Five pairs of Aldo shoes!

Three bottles of Bordeau
Or an airforce jacket
Or a $500 giftcard
To a restaurant called Joe Beef

On the tenth day of Christmas
Trudeau will not need
Two cases of Algerian wine
Silk poppy scarves
Flying pigeon bicycle (yes that’s a real thing)
Calgary Stampede cufflinks

Five pairs of Aldo shoes!

3D abstract art of the Canadian flag
from the president of Ukraine
And a vase from Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi

On the eleventh day of Christmas
The Trudeaus will not need

But on the twelfth day of Christmas
Trudeau WILL need
Happy birthday wishes
And a 45th birthday party


12 Days of (Trudeau) Christmas

  1. Okay, the Xmas party is over……back to work.

  2. Why would you give Trudeau a birthday party on January 6th, the twelfth Day of Christmas?
    The Twelve Days of Christmas begin on December 26th and end on January 6th, the Feast of the Epiphany, which is believed to be the day the Wise Men arrived with their gifts for Jesus.

    • Indeed it seems the author does not realize that the twelve days Christmas are those between Christmas and the Epiphany. Trudeau was born on Christmas Day.

      I also have a pet peeve with Advent calendars, where there are 25 days of Advent, starting December 1st, which it doesn’t.