By that vote, C-38, an act to implement certain provisions of the budget, has just now been passed by the House at third reading.

David Wilks cast the second-last vote in favour. Elizabeth May cast the last vote against the bill.

Peggy NashBrad Butt, Elizabeth MayRathika Sitsabaiesan, Niki Ashton, Blake Richards, Wayne Easter, Fin Donnelly, Bob ZimmerDenis Coderre and Pierre-Luc Dusseault report from the floor.

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    • Now, now, don’t be so disrespectful to the wonderful legacy of Jim Henson. The
      mindless 156 are sock puppets…smelly sock puppets, actually.

      • I’ve seen children in Grade Five who come up with smarter taunts than this sort of mindless jabbering. Calling people *smelly*? Gimme a freakin’ break.

        • Nonsense. It’s progressive.

        • YOU’RE smelly!

        • It is far more erudite to call others “assh*le in an email to large groups, right?

  1. Years from now, scholars and clerks will still be uncovering new unseen portions of it.

    • That’s a stupid thing to say. The complete text of the bill has been posted online for months. Anyone who wants to read it can. Don’t you think the opposition and media have read it thoroughly?

      • Maybe Elizabeth May. Maybe.

        • I agree that Elizabeth May is a wonderful MP. But you think that the rest of the Opposition is so incompetent that they can’t even be trusted to read the bloody bill thoroughly?

          • Harper deliberately threw it together to make it next to impossible to do so. there’s a reason this is one of the biggest if not the biggest omnibus bill ever – and no, it ain’t to benefit the citizenry. It’s also glaringly obvious they withheld information to properly evaluate it. It’s not opposition incompetence – it’s Harper duplicity and lack of respect for democracy.

          • Next to impossible to read the bill thoroughly? Clearly you’re drunk on your own hyperbole. Hence my response to your original comment that “Years from now, scholars and clerks will still be uncovering new unseen portions of it.”

            I’m no fan of omnibus budget bills, which Canadian governments have used to advance their agendas for decades. It’s true that changes packed into a single bill receive less scrutiny than they would if packaged into separate bills. Still, it’s hard not to roll my eyes at all the overblown rhetoric surrounding C-38. Trojan horse? Nobody’s read it? Puh-leeze.

          • Nobody in the House had read the crime legislation last Parliament until it got to the Senate. Vic Toews hadn’t even read his own security bill this Parliament. You seriously think the CPC cabinet is capable of reading a 400 page document? You’re on drugs.

          • New commenter name, but with syntax and diction very similar to another cpc-defending poster. Hmmm. Progressive!

          • Conservative spies and moles are everywhere. Be very vigilant.
            Make sure you look under your bed.

      • Maybe; but had time to properly understand the ramifications? Not likely.

        And while we’re at it, how many CPC MPs – not just backbenchers, but ministers as well – do you think have read this? Judging by the number of completely false statements some have made in the HoC on this bill, I’d say I can count them on one hand. The rest just voted as directed.

        • hey hey! not so fast! I’m not sure “shalia” ever accused the government of reading it’s own bill!

    • That’s a given, since so much of what it does is basically “The minister will define how this works on a case by case basis.”

  2. What blows me away is how anyone can be in favour of this bill, how it was put together and whats in it. Just blowing.

  3. What a shock! Conservative MPs voted for Harper’s bill. That is what MPs do. What percentage of the time did the average Liberal MP vote against Liberal Party government legislation when Jean Chrietrien was PM? How often did NDP MPs vote aginst Jack Layton or Broadbent on a bill? Its not how they did it, but what policies they are implementing that you disagree with. If only the Conservatives could have a nice leader like Joe Clark or Kim Campbell who knew how to lose elections. Good old Joe Clark gave into Trudeau’s Liberals on practically everything. Like him or hate him, Harper has an agenda to push Canada to the right. Just like every Liberal PM has moved Canada to the left. If Harper was a leftist and behaving in the same way than most of you would excuse his behavior(just like you did for Jean C. and Paul Martin). Instead, he pushes right and continues to win elections. He upsets the old conventional wisdom that has reigned since the Great Depression. This is the old belief that Canada is the scandanavia of north america where everyone leans left and always votes in center-left governments. The truth is that there is a strong conservative movement in Canada and it is gaining strength. Leftist Canadians have to realize that there is now a real center-right in this country that will fight for its principles(like in practically every other democracy). The days of phony red tories like Clark, Mulroney, and Campbell is over.

    • So your argument is essentially: “But maaaaa… all the other kids got to do it!”

      Odd that. I thought we had an election way back when where they were specifically campaigning on “We’re not going to be like them.”

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