3 a.m. call-a-docious


Hillary Clinton. Because Stephen Harper always knew he was going to regret giving that job to Lawrence Cannon.

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3 a.m. call-a-docious

  1. “The real gamble in this election is playing the same Washington game with the same Washington players and expecting a different result.” Barack Obama, Dec ’07

    The names Clinton, Emanuel, Holder, Daschle, Napolitano all have a familiar ring to them but as Obama says, he’s all about change we can believe in.

    I forget who but last night one of the talking heads I saw on cnn said the biggest source of conflict between Obama and Clinton will be who gets to appoint her deputies. I wonder if that question has been solved or if they are still bargaining.

  2. Bad Idea. Clinton has been bad at most of her political jobs, and this is no different.

    Mind the sniper fire!

  3. This is Obama’s choice for America’s top diplomat???

    (Warning: foul language at the above link)

    I hope Obama washes her mouth out with soap before she’s vetted or sworn in.

  4. Why not Richardson? He’s a former ambassador to the UN, supported Obama in the primaries (at the expense of personal loyalty to the Clintons), and — best of all — doesn’t come with a 200 lb. piece of baggage named Bill.

  5. Is Hilliary going to start accusing Canada of harbouring terrorists again? Or has she finally gotten the facts straight about that?

  6. I think the idea is to neutralise her, like they neutralised Powell and Rice.

  7. Paul

    The news this morning is that Romer will chair Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers. This was the position everyone thought Goolsbee was going to get, Obama might have just thrown him under the bus. Austan might never be heard from again so you better be quick with a post so you can say his name one last time. :)

  8. AU-stan GOOOOOOOOOOLSbeeeeeee! God that feels good.

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