60 seconds at the end of the Harper campaign

How the final moments of election night played out on Twitter


“During the past nine and a half years, it has been an unbelievable honour to serve as your Prime Minister,” Stephen Harper told Conservatives supporters in Calgary at the end of a long and losing night.

“We put it all on the line. We gave everything we have to give, and we have no regrets whatsoever. Friends, how could we? We remain citizens of the best country on Earth.”

Read his full remarks here.

Check out this video to see how the final moments of the Conservative campaign played out on Twitter.


60 seconds at the end of the Harper campaign

  1. Mr Harper, I will not be missing you. You went back on your promises and became even more dictatorial than your predecessor. I guess that was due to your difficult character as described by various writers. That must have been the reason for you to resigna through an email send out by the party president.

  2. Mr. Harper: Today’s news reveals the true tragedy on Parliament Hill a year ago. Corporal Nathan Cirillo lost his life because you cut back funding to the RCMP. The very security you spoke about being threatened, in fact, was caused by you. You made cut backs and manipulated figures so you could lie and say you had a balanced budget. You did not deserve to be Prime Minister of our wonderful country. You deserve to be noted as the worst Prime Minister we ever had.

    • And the Ottawa media were afraid to tell us about these lies and hypocrisy.

      • From Robin Sears in The Star, “The foolish pundits who saw a new conservative Canada being born under their watch are rewriting”.
        Remind us of anyone?

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