A belated salute to International Women’s Day


After QP today there was a short debate as to whether or not a member of the government side had advised that a heckling female on the Liberal side be administered some kind of medication.

Can’t say as I heard the alleged comment in question. Can’t say I haven’t heard similar comments in the past.


A belated salute to International Women’s Day

  1. Maybe they should check the Hansard, and not just the written exerts online but the things that are said in those mikes by the people who are in the House when this happens. Maybe then our Mps can be accountable!

    • But then the Speaker would actually have to reprimand people, and *nobody* would want that!


  2. Is there some reason women should be exempt from the usual QP mudslinging?

    • Only if the mudslinging is specifically gender-related and sexist. I don’t think this qualifies – guess it depends on the kind of medication.

      • If I had to hazard a guess, I suspect the comment was something along the lines of “Take a pill”.

    • Olaf: Short answer, no. For whatever it’s worth, this is a particular line of heckling I’ve only ever heard directed at female members of parliament.

      • Aaron: I don’t know what was said, so I can’t register an informed comment. So instead, as is my wont, I’ll register an uninformed one. I seem to think that expressions along the lines of “take a pill” or “he/she is off their meds” are pretty gender neutral. On the other hand, if it was “go take your PMS medication because you’re acting like you’re on your period”, then, of course, it would be highly inappropriate.

  3. Weary, this is right up there in your lamest of the lame post category. Do try to exercise a modicum of discretion before you post something with absolutely zilch content.

    • Speak of someone who needs to take their medication, and someone who needs to take their medication appears.

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