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A brief history of recent commotions


Before yesterday’s incident, the most recent confrontation in the House might have been when Conservative MP Royal Galipeau confronted Liberal MP David McGuinty. A couple weeks before that, Liberal MP Anita Neville and Conservative MP James Bezan seem to have had an an acrimonious encounter of some sort as well.

Further back in history are a few more colourful incidents.

On the afternoon of February 4, 1997, Reform MP Darrel Stinson challenged Liberal MP John Cannis to a fight in the House.

On April 15, 1999, Liberal MP Steve Mahoney accused Mr. Stinson of challenging him to a fight outside the House.

And on April 17, 2002, Keith Martin briefly seized the ceremonial mace. A lengthy debate on the incident followed a few days later. Mr. Martin was ultimately forced to appear at the bar of the House and apologize.


A brief history of recent commotions

  1. So… this has happened before. So why is this latest incident being ‘spun?’ (And either the Tories or the NDP are spinning it, since no one’s had the stones to take responsibility.) Own it, apologize, move on.

  2. Amazing. Cons every time. Yahoos.