A challenge reconsidered


Stephen Harper is apparently no longer interested in a one-on-one debate with Michael Ignatieff.

Mr. Ignatieff, on the other hand, seems to remain quite interested. A statement from the Liberal campaign:

“I look forward to debating the federal party leaders on April 12 and 14.  I am disappointed, however, by the broadcasters’ consortium’s decision to exclude Green Party Leader Elizabeth May from the debate. The Liberal Party of Canada advocated for her inclusion in negotiations with the consortium.

“Now that the broadcasters’ consortium has chosen their dates for the multi-party debate, I reiterate my challenge to Mr. Harper: I am ready and willing to debate him one-on-one – any time, any place. Mr. Harper expressed his desire to debate me as the leader of the only party that can replace him in government.  All that remains is to agree upon a time and place – and many respected potential hosts have offered to assist.

“A one-on-one debate with Mr. Harper should not replace multi-party leaders’ debates. A real debate is needed, however, on the different visions of leadership between the only two people with a real opportunity to become prime minister of this country at the end of this election.”


A challenge reconsidered

  1. "Apparently" Iggy can strut now that the threat has passed.

  2. Of course Harper reconsidered. Everyone, please remember Wells' First Rule, it's genius and you can take it to the bank.

    Rule 1: For any given situation, Canadian politics will tend toward the least exciting possible outcome.

  3. My first impression:
    I cannot believe that Ignatieff has made such a foolish error. Expect Harper to pounce on this.
    I will be sending above to Bev Oda for editing, hope to get back the polished version later today.

  4. It does not make sense for the PM to accept this challenge. Not sure why he keeps stepping on his own toes every day.

  5. FIrst Harper decides he'll only take 4 questions per day from the press, with no follow-ups and no explanation.
    Then he decides that he won't take ANY questions regarding his party's candidates in this election.

    Now this:

    "Harper event in Halifax begins. Media corralled behind metal fence more than 40 feet from CPC leader."

    That's some tasty democracy, eh?

  6. This really isn't SH's day. Can you say unforced error?

    I expect Iggy to be reiterating this challenge often.

  7. Elizabeth May should resign from the GPC after this election, go back to the NGO community for a few years to carry on essentially what she is doing now(with a badly crippled Green Party due to her narcissistic leadership) and then run for the Libs or NDP in a Lib or NDP friendly riding next go around. I think she'd be a fine MP when out of a political leadership position.

  8. That sounds really bad. So bad, it is difficult to believe.
    If true, I wonder if that is local media or the media travelling with him.

    Is Paul Wells stuck behind a metal fence? Will he fill us in on this?

  9. When the other guy makes a dumb excuse then runs away, you're kind of entitled to.

  10. What error? To assume only the Liberals and the Conservatives have a real chance at winning the election?

  11. Harper found out too late that Ignatieff would be able to ask more than four questions and might even be allowed to sit at the table right next to him.

    No wonder he backed down.

  12. Ignatieff's statement would have been better with the following sentence added.

    "I can assure Mr. Harper that, at this very moment, I am making chicken sounds, 'buk, buk, buk', in his direction, in the most taunting manner possible. Also, I have directed my MPs and candidates to chant 'scaredy cat, scaredy cat' whenever possible."

  13. Harper's looking very bad here. Running from the press, running from debates. The running from the press part kind of shows that he has no intention of campaigning openly and honestly either, so his claim that he'd rather campaign than have a separate debate is highly suspect. It looks like what he'd rather do is sit in a dark room by himself and issue edicts to the serfs.

  14. Iggy wasn't "strutting" too much when he tried to bring down our government within the previous year……Do you remember how he announced to Mr. Harper "that he was going to bring down our Government" BUT, had to change his mind about that because he didn't have a backup plan for Canada. We want an inexperienced as- ho– like this running our Country.

  15. Wasn't it Harper who first threw down the gauntlet? How can he possibly walk away now that Ignatieff picked it up?

    Stephen Harper: REALLY Not a Campaigner.

  16. Iggy is our number one ass-hole in this country.

  17. I see he forgot to close his sarcasm tag.

  18. well at least you had the decency to NOT spell out the insult…..and decency is something I am not seeing a lot of with Harper

  19. Paul Wells will be allowed out of his cage and his clothes and blackberry returned on May 3.

  20. Relinquish the title, did you?

  21. Would someone please photoshop Stephen Harper's head onto that infamous pic of Stephane Dion shrugging.

  22. The "My first impression" bit switched off my sarcasm filter.

  23. I was impressed by May during the last debate although I think the whole Green Party thing is a vote splitting mechanism that keeps the Cons in power. How can you forward an agenda if all your party does is keep parties that lean in your direction out of power?

  24. We want an inexperienced as- ho– like this running our Country.

    If I understand you correctly, you're asking for a tenderfoot prostitute to be in charge?

  25. Almost every single picture of Harper together with his soon to be ex-wife Laureen have disappeared from the PM's websites. When did that happen? Fall 2010?

    The Harper's last Christmas Card 2010 photo was made by heavily photoshopping their individual Thanksgiving Oct. 2010 portraits to make it appear they were photographed together for Christmas when no such thing occurred as they separated as couple over two years ago. Please see below links of photoshopped pictures.

    Neocon “Tory” Doctored photo number 1 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1850608981

    NL Doctored photo number 2 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1850605148

  26. Just shows how gutless Harper is , he's the one that caused this election . Now he dosen't even have the balls to stand up for his stupid policies . Hey king Harper do us all a favor and resign if you can't take the heat , because you're of no use to Canada !

  27. This is inappropriate.

  28. It sounds like Mr. Harper is still employing the G20 security forces. Heaven knows, he needs protection from those rioting hordes of media trying to ask more than 4 questions.

  29. Yet interesting in a prurient sort of way. Ah well, most prurient interests are also inappropriate.

  30. Week 2 of our election is already becoming surreal, with the prime minister jetting across the country, speaking only to a select group of followers, and answering only a handful of questions from a corral of journos who are paying, and being paid, to travel with him and ask questions for Canadians.

    Someone remind me of why harper even wants to be pm?

  31. His family life should be off limits.

  32. this is about as relevant as M.I's grandfather…

  33. He doesn't want to be PM, rather than the victor over a vanquished Liberal party that seemed to have been the root cause of a life-time of adolescent wedgies during his geeky high school years.

  34. Where else can a man with his skillset and lack thereof bring home over 300K tax free?

  35. I concur with all other replies – off limits. As a member of the #lpc I don't want to make this campaign about Harper's supposed troubles at home – I want to make it about his troubles as PM.

  36. LOL. "I cluck in your general direction. Now go away, or I shall taunt you a second time!".

  37. "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!"

  38. It's an evil coalition of media!

  39. I thought A-H Number 1 got to name the government after himself.

  40. Wait a minute, weren't you 'Sam' on that other thread on this topic? Maybe not, but that 'inexperienced as-ho–' thing looks awfully familiar.

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