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A chance for CPP expansion?


The Globe reports that CPP changes are being considered.

The Globe and Mail has learned that a policy paper on CPP reform prepared by federal and provincial public servants will be presented to the ministers during their yearly December gathering for two days of meetings, which will be held this year at Meech Lake. Not enough Canadians are taking advantage of existing voluntary options such as RRSPs, say supporters of CPP expansion, including the seniors’ lobby group CARP…

Mr. Flaherty had initially supported some form of CPP increase, but he surprised and upset some provinces in December, 2010, by reversing that support. He argued at the time that not enough provinces were on board and it was a bad time economically to increase premiums. A federal source said Ottawa’s position has not changed.

Flaherty’s entreaty was made in June 2010, but since the Conservatives have criticized the NDP’s proposal for expanding the CPP.


A chance for CPP expansion?

  1. ” …. yearly December gathering for two days of meetings …. ”

    Daily Telegraph ~ Feb 2012:
    Meetings make people stupid because they impair their ability to think for themselves, scientists have found. The performance of people in IQ tests after meetings is significantly lower than if they are left on their own, with women more likely to perform worse than men. Researchers at the Virginia Tech Crilion Research institute in the US said people’s performance dropped when they were judged against their peers.