‘A complete dickhead’


Shortly before Olivia Chow made her statement to reporters, Peter Stoffer offered his own assessment.

“If I was Mr. Harper, he would be gone, out of the Conservative Party in a heartbeat. That kind of attitude, that kind of comment, that’s insane. That is a disgrace to not only Mr. Mulcair but to the legacy of Mr. Layton. Think about how Olivia Chow must feel. That is just absolutely cold-hearted … I could say it stronger than that, but what a complete dickhead. He should be removed from Parliament altogether,” Stoffer said.


‘A complete dickhead’

  1. Easy Mr Stoffer. I have a dick head and quite frankly, it is something that like most men, I find to be essential to my well being.
    Rob Anders is something the enigmatic people of Calgary West find to be essential and quite frankly, I think they’re the ones that need firing. Perhaps they should reach out to the voters of Peterborough, offering to become sister cities, and together they can give their collective heads a damn good shake.

  2. “……That kind of attitude, that kind of comment, that’s insane……”

    I cannot comment upon how valid Mr. Stuffer’s impressions and definitions of ‘kind of attitude’ and ‘kind of comment’ are, but I can venture to assert he does not have the academic standing to proclaim a diagnosis of ‘insane’.
    Besides, my book-learnin’ assures me that a glans is a highly sensitive ….ermmmm …..ahhhh ‘thingy’ of some renown, though its proper operation requires significant blood-flow resulting in substantial cognitive impairment.

    • Well “substantial cognitive impairment” sure fits Rob Anders.

      • It fits all in the Patriarchy my friend.
        Like that Mork and MIndy guy said: “God gave man a penis and a brain, but only enough blood to run one at a time.”

        • A.L.F:
          There is no such thing as a “patriarchy.” In your case, too, there’s no such thing as a penis.
          However, we can confirm that you’re a dickhead except you have neither a dick nor a head.

  3. It is likely that many of us agree with the sentiment and it is a change to see it isn’t PM or JT. Still, it’s a little odd that Olivia is so forgiving of Anders. He’s just likely to take that as confirmation there is something unsayable to the Jack vs Tom rivalry.
    Good for Stoffer. I have to say i like some of this push back from the guys mentioned. It can be refreshing if done sparingly and if it is an authentic expression of anger; preferable to the constant passive aggressive needling of the trained tory seals.

  4. Good
    response. What possible purpose could Anders have to make such an
    outlandish statement? Political gain? Making Mulcair out to be a slave
    driver who contributed to Jack’s death is absolutely absurd and Stoffer
    is right in saying that Harper should dismiss him from the HoC and the
    party. That kind of rhetoric serves no value and merely stands as a
    testament to how low the level of debate has degenerated into. Stoffer is
    right to use that term. If I even hear someone mention the word
    “decorum” in reference to his comment I’m going to lose it. Decorum went out the window with Anders opening his gueule in unloading. I thought someone as sanitized as Harper would run a tighter ship but I guess not. He had no right to say that and there are already enough problems in the world…we don’t need to be wasting time to deal with the delusional insights of an MP who should have been put out to pasture long ago. Anders
    comment was the antithesis of decorum and Stoffer simply called the BS
    where he saw it bubble up. Good for you.

  5. There DOES seem to be quite a few on the government side that the sobriquet would fit quite well. But it has to be used sparingly, so as not to water down the description for when it will be really needed.
    For everyday use, try the term “snollygoster”:
    One, especially a politician, who is guided by personal
    advantage rather than by consistent, respectable principles.
    “a snollygoster is a fellow who wants office, regardless of party, platform or principles, and who, whenever he wins, gets there by the sheer force of monumental talknophical assumnacy”.

  6. Did Anders come up with this bizarre theory all by himself? Perhaps it has currency on the Conservative backbench. My guess would be he heard the idea and discussed it before blurting it out. He was likely surprised when it didn’t go over so well when he made it public. This would explain the PM’s inaction except for that gentle slap on the wrist from PMO.