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‘A confident new Parliament’


The Globe endorses the Conservatives.

The campaign of 2011 – so vicious and often vapid – should not be remembered fondly. But that will soon be behind us. If the result is a confident new Parliament, it could help propel Canada into a fresh period of innovation, government reform and global ambition. Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are best positioned to guide Canada there.


‘A confident new Parliament’

  1. That's why I don't read the Globe.

  2. I would think that if they thought the stimulus was a good idea they wouldn't endorse the one party that had to be dragged into it kicking and screaming (before they took the credit), and then, after it was over, spent an additional $26,000,000 to advertise it in hopes the ads would coincide with an election.

  3. It's like the Twilight Zone… endorse the one guy that is causing all the problems in parliament. Weird!

    Stephen Harper is the problem, it's not more complicated than that. Remove him from the equation and parliament would function much better!

    • For heavens' sake man, get a grip. It beggars belief that there are such foaming-at-the-mouth anti-Harperites out on the street.

      • Well at least he didn't call him "Harpy". I, too, believe that Parliment would run much more smoothly with Harper gone. I shall go wipe my foaming mouth now.

      • saying Harper is causing the problems in Parliament is not foaming at the mouth. It is simply telling the truth.

        Maybe instead of personal attacks you could try to deal with the point on its merits.

  4. What I find really strange is that they are having a "forum/Chat" this aft. to "explain" their decision?! That is a first ( as far as I am aware).

      • ….I stand corrected……although I still find it odd that a newspaper endorsement would need a forum to explain it….

  5. In other news … Hollywood Actor Enters Rehab, Touring Musicians Wreck Hotel Room, and Construction Workers Grab Lunch at Local Diner.

  6. Their emphasis on health care reform suggests that re-publishing the Romanow report should be an early action by our next Parliament. Romanow made it plain that there's no magic bullet here – we need to pay for the services we believe we need.

    "Sustainability relies on achieving the right balance among the services that are provided, the health needs of Canadians, and the resources we are prepared to commit to the system. Finding that
    balance is up to those who govern the health care system – individual Canadians, communities, health care providers, health authorities and hospital administrators, and governments. The decisions they make together will determine whether or not the system is sustainable in the future. Their decisions should be guided by the values of Canadians who, as noted at the outset of this chapter, want medicare to endure and thrive."

  7. Mr. Harper has to go. He has become a one-man band, loving power for its own sake (witness his premature election call), terrorizing backbench MPs who might seek an independent voice when confidence isn't at stake, shrugging off sloppy record-keeping…politically charged grants, dismissing the ethical problems…and in general treating his position as lord of a fief rather than as a public trust.


    Oops, sorry. How embarrassing. That wasn't about Harper. That was about the most successful, cherished, warmly remembered Liberal Prime Minister in recent memory. Jean Chretien (editorial #16, 2/3 of the way down the page)

    h/t Calgary Grit

    • G & M hadn't seen nuthin yet!

    • So it was about both of them? Yah, I can see that.

    • Plagiarizing old articles is the new recycling.

  8. 'Mr. Harper could achieve a great deal more if he would relax his grip on Parliament, its independent officers and the flow of information, and instead bring his disciplined approach to bear on the great challenges at hand. That is the great strike against the Conservatives: a disrespect for Parliament, the abuse of prorogation, the repeated attempts (including during this campaign) to stanch debate and free expression. It is a disappointing failing in a leader who previously emerged from a populist movement that fought so valiantly for democratic reforms.'

    Can we reasonably expect him to handle his business differently should he be re-elected? If the Globe is going to endorse the guy, fine, but if they honestly believe the above to be true, how can they endorse him? Argument redux: "He acts like a petty dictator, but he gets results, so vote for him." If one were to persuade me to vote Conservative, they'd have to convince me that Harper DOESN'T act like a petty dictator and that he respects parliament and its institutions. Admitting that he does then giving him a thumbs up isn't a very convincing argument to me.

    • See above. At least the Globe is consistent. Despite the passage I clipped being about Chretien, that endorsement was in fact for the Liberals.

      • "Chretien/Harper is a jackass. However, the other guys are bigger jackasses. Chretien/Harper: Less of a jackass than the other guys."

        WOW! Get me to a polling booth, quick! I GOTTA vote for him! Huzzah!

        • Very sad, but very equally true.

    • hey, give him a majority and nobody can force him to provide budget numbers for plane costs or answer for Ministers who forge documents! It's a win for everyone!

    • What's amazing is that they've said the exact same thing in the last two endorsements as well.

      • The G&M editorial board: Illiterate, innumerate and slow learners.

        "They are not doctrinaire; with the support of other parties they adopted stimulus spending after the financial crash of 2008, when it was right to do so."

        Uh, that's an interesting fiction. Harper denied a recession was even occurring. He refused to address stimulus in his Fall Economic Update. He was nearly ousted and shuttered Parliament to save his bacon. He was dragged kicking and screaming into stimulus spending. He then spent tens of millions of the taxpayers' money advertising that it was all his idea (while running attack ads that showed the Opposition leaders signing a stimulus agreement — without him).

        Harper's been a fiscal disaster.

        "It needs to reform its troubled equalization program without straining national unity."

        In 5 years, how many first minister's meetings or major discussions has Harper held with the Provinces?


        If it weren't so tragic, this endorsement would be a sick joke.

  9. There is no evidence to support this conclusion. Wishful thinking. Dreaming. All the evidence points to same old Harper.

  10. The only responsible thing for the Globe to do. I am sure it pained them to do that being the pinko commie hippies that they are.

    • Unitentional satire

    • If by "pinko commie hippies" you mean people who endorse the conservatives three times in a row, then yes.

  11. Damn leftard lamestream media

  12. Yeah, the facts don't bear out. They say his economic management is sound which I can't quite square with lowering revenues AND increasing expenditures every year in office.

    And fresh period of government reform? Harde har har. Bring me a census, a whistleblower and another visit to the GG.

    • Ahhh, the census debacle – another example of the Harper government’s foolishness, wrecking statistical consistency in service of an ideological position straight from the US Tea Party.

  13. Empty phrases strung together to distract from an illogical conclusion. Have the Globe editors and I been watching the same government over the past several years, or even the past several months for that matter? We’re talking about the same government that openly engaged in AdScam-esque graft related to the G8/20 meetings while letting downtown Toronto take the brunt of the damage, repeatedly lied to and stonewalled the rest of Parliament, and has proven so incompetent at international affairs that they blew a relationship with the country hosting a major military base over… landing slots, just to name three things off the top of my head.

    Never mind ideological differences; the Harper Conservatives are dangerously foolish administrators, and I dread what they would do without an oppositiona able to act as an effective check on their power.

  14. I love how they use the word "confident" and "parliament" right next to each other.

  15. 'In 2001, The Globe and Mail was combined with broadcast assets held by BCE Inc. to form the business now known as CTVglobemedia. Nine years later, at the end of 2010, the Thomson family, through its holding company Woodbridge, acquired direct control of The Globe and Mail with an 85-percent stake. BCE continues to hold 15 percent'

    • The Thompson family are Conservative. Proves my many posting here that the press is owned by tories. left wing medis is a common deflection used by tories to make Canadians believe the press is actually honest! The CTV or Conservative television network!

  16. Cognitive dissonance at it's finest.


  17. "We don't want to bite the hand that looks like will feed us…"

  18. Let me clear, I'm seeing what has happened more clearly now. Clearly, parliament has not been sufficiently confident, and has let down the Harper government.

    There is, obviously, but one way to resolve the matter, and that is to elect a confident parliament worthy of support from the Harper government. Clearly.

  19. Well the Goat and Snail apparently lied about that:

    "…The Prime Minister and the Conservative Party have demonstrated principled judgment on the economic file. They are not doctrinaire; with the support of other parties they adopted stimulus spending after the financial crash of 2008, when it was right to do so…"

    So holding a gun to Harper's head forcing him to adopt stimulus spending equals support? And what "principled judgment"? What a load of BS!

    Here's a more accurate summary of Harper's economic behaviour:

  20. Who else would a tory owned newspaper endorse? The only news in Canada NOT owned by tories is the CBC and thats why they want it cut. If the tories get a majority they will cut the CBC immediately and cut party subsidies to cripple the opposition both financially and take any chance of a favorable news story away. They will then funnel millions and millions of taxpayers dollars through advertising on Fox News North. Harper will finally get his 51st State run by republicans! Vote ABC and keep Canada Canadian.

  21. Harper is Canada's best choice??? No way!!! Harper was already a dictator with a minority government so I cannot imagine what he would do if he got a majority government. He thinks that he can make and break any laws he wants, he doesn't allow his Mp's to have freedom of speech, and he hires criminals to work for him. How can he possibly be a good choice? The answer is he is not. Please Canadian citizens, Don't vote for this dictator!!

  22. Does everyone expect something else from the G&M? It's the rag for the Toronto establishment and nouveau-riche looking at themselves in the mirror every morning, more interested in the glossy ads printed by those recently acquired, wonderful new German colour presses, then in any substantive journalism. It's the newspaper for the rentiers that extract value from, and for the executives dependent on employment by, the foreign corporations that control our resource-based economy. With the Harper Government, these people (and no one else) have a bright future in Canada, which will become the Bitumen Superpower of the 21st Century!