A core Canadian value


Liberal Senator Grant Mitchell blogs about Omar Khadr.

Khadr was allegedly involved in the encounter with American forces during which it is alleged that he killed one of them. Yes, this was a terrible tragedy for this soldier, his family, friends and colleagues. But do we not make it worse if we let it undermine the fairness and the justice that Canadians are famous for?


A core Canadian value

  1. Mr Harper is busy trying to bulid new Canadian core values. This apparently does involve children taking responsibility for their parent’s sins.

    • I’m sure the families of the soldiers Khadr killed will be massively comforted by the idea that letting him walk free is good for the Canadian self-image.

      • Yeah, it’s official: Canada finds nothing wrong with the concept of child soldiers. It’s their fault; they should know better than to participate in that sort of stuff.

      • Allegedly killed….

        • Same difference.

          This is the problem with Canadian self-absorption in a nutshell: preening about our moral superiority is actually considered to be a rational counterargument to “He (allegedly) killed a guy.”

          • Only someone with a twisted sense of what the law means and what our essential sense of justice is, could view his case as being about moral superiority. If there were no laws covering child soldiers your arguement might have more merit, since there are you are simply advocating anarchy – picking and choosing which laws we will obey.
            You’re inital arguement neglects to mention that dying in a war is a hazard of the job. I don’t mean that cynically, but it’s nevertheless true. It was war, i don’t expect Kadr’s family to sue the US military – that would be absurd!.

  2. Well, i can think of one Canadian i wouldn’t lift a finger to aid.

  3. I like this Senator’s blog, it’s both dignified and to-the-point.

  4. Clearly, Harper’s continued refusal not to repatriate Khadr is not about the law or morality, because those are clear to reasonable people:
    There is a problem and Harper is not being forthcoming as to the nature of the problem. Now Jason Kenney was very blunt about the problem with Galloway. If CSIS has concerns about the environment to which Omar Khadr would be returning – then those concerns should be addressed openly, so that they can be resolved.

  5. Khadr is no more a child soldier than were members of the 12th SS Hitler Jugend (Youth) Division that fought so bitterly against Canadians in Normandy in the summer of 1944. Those young fanatics not only fought like tigers, they murdered about 150 Canadians soldiers they had captured. Today’s bleeding hearts should find another object for their crocodile tears. Khadr, cast in the same mold as the Hitler Youth, is not worthy. Let the little bugger face US justice.

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