‘A day of unity’


The prepared text of Prince William’s remarks on Parliament Hill.

Bonjour Ottawa! Bonjour Canada! Bonne fete Canada!‪‪ Je suis tellement heureux d’être de retour au Canada – ce pays magnifique – et d’avoir la chance d’apprendre à mieux vous connaître.‪

I’m excited to be able to share this with Catherine because she has told me that she feels exactly the same way. She heard about Canada not from her parents, but from her grandfather, a wonderful man who passed away last year, but who held this country dear to his heart – for he trained in Alberta as a young pilot during the Second World War.‪

To be here on Canada Day – a day of unity, a day of coming together as families, and as a nation – is even more special for us. ‪

To mark today, my Grandmother, The Queen of Canada, has asked me to convey her warmest good wishes to the people of Canada, and her happy and abiding memories of being on Parliament Hill with The Duke of Edinburgh one year ago. The Queen has taken a great interest in the themes and programme of our Tour, and looks forward to following our progress as it unfolds.‪

Speaking of families and of loved ones far away, this is an important moment for Canada. For this month, the Servicemen and women of the Canadian Forces cease their combat role in Afghanistan. This draws to a close an episode of which all Canadians can be immensely proud.

Our Armed Forces have always led the world in rallying to the defence of freedom. From Vimy Ridge and Juno Beach, through Korea and the Balkans to Kandahar Province, the sacrifice of Canadians has been universally revered and respected. N’oublions jamais.‪‪ Ici au Canada, les Canadiennes et les Canadiens démontrent aussi leur force et leur détermination. Je salue la bravoure et l’altruisme des équipes de secours et de reconstruction au Québec, au Manitoba, en Saskatchewan et en Alberta. J’admire votre courage.‪‪

Catherine and I are so thrilled and excited by the prospect of the next eight days, of being part of the Canadian family. It will be an adventure that we’ll never forget. ‪

Merci Canada. Merci les défenseurs du Canada, la famille canadienne… Bonne Fête Canada! Happy Birthday Canada !‪


‘A day of unity’

  1. The Duke of Cambridge delivered a wonderful and heartfelt speech on Parliament Hill today.  I especially loved the moment where he offered, on his grandmother’s behalf, the Queen of Canada’s warmest wishes, and the 300,000+ crowd let out an absolutely enormous cheer.  Let this put to rest any doubts voiced by cynical media commentators and other assorted curmudgeons (who are obviously just a small, noisy minority) who can’t put aside their inferiority complexes.  Canada’s monarchy is here to stay, and it’s obvious that the vast majority of Canadians are happy about it :)

    Happy Canada Day!!!  God Save the Queen of Canada and Her Heirs and Successors!!!

    • Nice ad, but not true.  Sorry.

      • Emily,

        usually I read your comments and nod my head but today I say “WT….?”.  What is not true about Canadians celebrating their history and cultural reality?  We have strong connection to the British Monarchy and traditions…hello parliament anyone…try to tell someone we shouldn’t be part of the commonwealth and see how they would respond.  This has nothing to do about independence or nationhood, it’s about being proud of where we came from as a country.  Get over the cynicism…especially on this day.

        • Well of course we’re ‘celebrating our history’….and we’ve always been a monarchy…first French and then English.  I don’t find it anything to be ‘proud’ of….it’s just what happened. An accident of history.

          However, it’s now the 21st century….and while history is a nice place to visit, you wouldn’t want to live there.  It’s time to move on.

  2. I find it funny that he has to start and finish in French.

  3. Does the prince and princess really care about Canada or is this just a trial run for the couple in a safe country that generally likes the Royalty?

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