‘A debate about the integrity of the voting system’


The National’s report tonight on today’s hearing at the Supreme Court.


‘A debate about the integrity of the voting system’

  1. My hope is that the SCC holds Elections Canada up to a higher standard than has been my experience. Twice I have tried to vote while living outside of Canada and both times it has ended in frustration. I get one excuse after another, Good Friday, Easter Modnay, Canada Post, blah, blah blah.

    I don’t trust Elections Canada. They couldn’t handle a community cake raffle the way it’s run now. And Harper just replaced the head of Elections Canada; who mysteriously retired in the midst of the most important investigation of his career; with a typical sock puppet who hates rocking the boat.


    • I understand the Commissioner had been set to retire for some time, but if it were me, I’d want to stay on just to see the end of it. Beyond question, the most exciting thing he’d have had to deal with during his tenure–and he hangs ‘er up in the middle of it? Just hard to fathom.

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