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A decision on Nexen?


Industry Canada has summoned reporters to a meeting on the Hill for a briefing at 4pm. The embargo on that briefing lifts at 5pm and then the Prime Minister is due to deliver a statement in that same room at 5:15pm.


A decision on Nexen?

  1. Looks like coordinated approval but we will find out in couple of hours.

    Platts Dec 7 2012
    “The European Commission has granted clearance for the proposed $15 billion acquisition of Canadian company Nexen by China’s state-owned CNOOC, the EC said Friday. It had been unclear whether approval from the EU for the deal, which is still held up as Canada decides if it is the national interest, would be required.There had been some expectation it might need the green light from Brussels because of Nexen’s oil assets in the UK North Sea.”

    • I tend to agree with Tony. Aside from Justin Trudeau and his legions of supporters, I suspect most would not be excited about an approval for the Nexen deal and we all know that unpopular government news is always delivered late on Friday’s…..

        • I fully realize that. Why do you think I sad “aside from Justin Trudeau and his legions of supporters, I suspect most would NOT be excited about an approval for the Nexen deal” My point was that while Justin WILL be happy (as you correctly note he endorsed the deal) I submit most will not view this news as positively. Thus it becomes “bad” news. “Bad news” is of course typically always given out by Governments on Friday’s…..today being no exception.

          • In their rush to spit out slams at those who would support the Canadian government the liberals on this site not only neglect to listen and comprehend, they now do not read.

  2. Hmmm…late on a Friday afternoon, shortly before the Christmas recess. Have to stay up ’til mid-night before the weekend to find out what this government is up to.

    Expect similar announcements between now and when they escape for the holidays, after which we won’t see them again until…what…February?