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A departure


Michael Sona, an executive assistant in the office of Conservative MP Eve Adams, has either resigned or been fired. And that may or may not have something to do with Elections Canada’s investigation into fraudulent calls made during the last federal election.


A departure

  1. I’m sure “may or may not” was put in just to appease Dennis_F. Let’s be clear – so far, it is all allegations!

  2. The requisite ritual sacrificial offering to appease the braying masses? Then, business as usual….

    • On a Friday afternoon, no less. They’re becoming pathetically predictable. Has Van Loan chimed in yet how these robocalls are the sign of a healthy de-MOCK-racy?

  3. And this is the guy who tried to run away, literally, with the ballot box from the Guelph U’s student pop-up poll last spring, right?  And so he was “fired” then but popped up again somewhere else.  We forget how many dirty tactics were used last year — people attending candidate rallies questioned and turned away, trying to steal a legal ballot box (they are getting bolder, more willing to break the law).  I do not believe one person did this, and I sure as heck don’t believe one little MA did it.  Not without direction and approval from someone much higher up. 

    • I’m sure Sona will turn up quietly working in the PMO 6 months from now…that’s where all the other ‘rogue’ guilty parties who get ‘sacrificed’ seem to end up.

      • Give your head a shake!

        This boy is “Senate” material!

        • Maybe even GG!

      • I’m sure Dimitri .. I understand to be a close personal friend of the guy’s
        most recent employer .. is already massaging elbows in the PMO. And a
        metal desk with no telephone is being set up in a remote broom closet where
        he can think great thoughts.

      • He was not fired?  Thanks for the correction — I think also there were “crank calls” (love the gentle name for them) to the Kitchener riding reported earlier too — I think that the conservative MP won there: Allbrecht. 

        I was once communications chair for a candidate in an election.  Trust me: I didn’t do anything that the campaign director didn’t ask for, and subsequently see before release.  And most importantly — neither of us released any materials without sending them to the party war room for approval first.

        • Wait, well obviously I provided advice and consultation all the time, but I’m saying I didn’t release anything without all the approvals.

  4. I smell bait.

    • Herring to be specific, hm?

      • Wouldn’t be the first time.

  5. Go for it Sona.
    You can still lead a life where you hold your head up high with honour. Spill the beans, tell all, burn your bridges with Harper; maybe you even have some documents stashed away!