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A first look at Justin Trudeau’s new ad: not a tree in sight

John Geddes on Liberals and locale


My first thought on seeing Justin Trudeau’s new ad was that he’s not wandering in a sun-dappled glade.

I refer, as aficionados of Liberal rebuttals to Conservative attack ads will instantly have realized, to the fall 2009 Michael Ignatieff spot, in which Liberal mad men concocted a scene in which their besieged leader held forth in a sylvan setting, variously described by amused pundits as a leafy glen, a copse, Sherwood Forest and Narnia.

Back then, Liberals compounded the confusion about why Ignatieff was speaking to Canadians from the wildwood by declining to say exactly what thicket served as their set. They wanted it to be seen as Anywhere, Canada, with photosynthesis. But the mystery inevitably fed the growing impression that Ignatieff was lost.

Trudeau’s ad has the advantage of a more precise locale, and thus a more meaningful one. The instantly familiar classroom backdrop—the metal desk he’s propped against, the green blackboard with an algebra lesson chalked on it, a TV on one of those high trolleys—underlines his assertion that, as a former teacher, he has nothing to apologize for about his pre-politics resumé.

And his script attempts to connect that bit of his back story to the more famous part—you know, his dad. “I’m proud to be a teacher,” he says, adding, “I’m a son, but I’m also a father.”

The ad opens with a glimpse of the much-discussed recent Conservative attack ad against Trudeau showing on that classroom TV set. (Did the Liberals leave the DVD behind, I wonder? I imagine a jaded teacher coming into a rowdy class and saying, ‘Calm down, people, we’re going to watch a video today.’ And then instead of the usual NFB short, the kids settle in to dissect cynical political messages. This would actually fit with what I believe is called the “media literacy” curriculum these days.)  Trudeau clicks off the Tory depiction of him as a goofball, and begins, “Canadians deserve better. We can keep mistrusting and finding flaws in each other or we can pull together and get to work.”

I’m going to take a wild guess that this does not mean he’s actually swearing off mistrusting and finding flaws. But we’ll have to wait, evidently, to see what Trudeau looks like when he decides to adopt a more hard-hitting persona. For now, he’s cast as a coolest teacher, using his calmest voice.

It’s not an arresting image so much as a disarming one. Some seasoned political strategists will, I’m sure, fault it for failing to hit back hard enough. But it has to beat wandering among the trees.


A first look at Justin Trudeau’s new ad: not a tree in sight

  1. Mr.Harper is a son. Mr.Harper is a father. And so, Mr.Trudeau is different because he is a school teacher? I don’t get it.

    • One difference is the way Mr. Harper chooses to talk to Canadians – he slags Justin Trudeau with misinformation and ridicule. Meanwhile, Trudeau takes the high road and stays classy in his first dialog with Canadians.

      • In what ad has Harper ever personally slagged any party leader?

        • The CPC ads plastered all over Stephen Harper’s Facebook page. The official Prime Minister of Canada actually boasts about the ads on his official facebook page, the same page used to highlight his duties as a Prime Minister. I guess he and his staff thought those ads were one of his highlights as Prime Minister. Check it out. Also check out the comments. Lots of swearing and they claim it is a “family-friendly” facebook page. LOL.

        • ad? I don’t know, offhand, but Harper sure is the Big Blue Meanie in the House at QP time, with his minions softening up the Opps with ridiculous (often lying) assaults beforehand.

        • ad, heck, they guy did it in an official press release!

          • (still waiting for an answer on that other Page issue! Not feeling reasonable enough today??)

          • The answer was already there and only takes that sentence to understand.

          • Is that what teacher Justin tells you? That when you don’t know the answer to a question, you just make one up and deserve an A in any case?? Obvioiusly! Lol

        • I do believe that is part of the point. Harper remains remote from the attack ads in order to keep his hands unsullied. But the thing is, most people now associate the attack ad style with the Conservatives– which now irrevocably bears the trademark brand Team Harper. That personal connection is now entrenched.

          By appearing personally in the ad and providing the voiceover, Justin establishes a personal connection of a very different sort.

          Very interesting strategy. Now we’ll see if they have the money to make it fly.
          In fact I think I’ll donate $10 to Justin to help the cause.

          • Ok, I/ ll toss in another 10 bucks if he can do a simple math equation.

            Or maybe he can do a little skit, explaining why those pesky root causes are forcing those nice young men to become child killers.

          • The root causes Obama mentioned…or SH’s govt paid good money to be studied…is that what you’re trying to say?
            “Forcing” is purely a figment of your partisan mind.

          • You still are in denial. Obama never said that he was ‘searching for root causes’ in regards to people feeling excluded. Why the need to drag Obama down by falsifying Obama’s comments? Just to help Justin out?

            Harper has never uttered the words ‘searching for root causes’ in regards to people feeling excluded. But if you have proof that Harper has used the term ‘root causes’ in regards to people feeling excluded, then please provide us with such a proof. And no, Wells’ and O’Malley’s lame attempt at putting words in Harper’s mouth do no count as proof of anything, other than it has now been proven that Wells and O’Malley will go to great lengths to try and pick Justin up off the floor!, which is interesting to know about, for sure.

          • I never used the phrase “searching for root causes”
            Haven’t a clue where you got it. Don’t make stuff up please.
            The rest of your post isn’t worth a read.

          • Oh, I love it when you use the back peddling as an excuse! This is what you wrote:

            “The root causes Obama mentioned…or SH’s govt paid good money to be studied…is that what you’re trying to say?”

            What exactly did you refer to in regards to that good money paid to be studied??? Studied what, my friend? (I don’t expect an answer back on that one.)

          • My bad. I should have looked at more than the context button. Obama talked about root causes the very next day..your point?
            The answer is obviously the programme Wells mentioned and our govt funded.

          • You try to make the point that Obama used the words ‘root causes’ in relation to people feeling excluded. But such is not the case.

            Neither is it the case that Harper has used the words ‘root causes’ in relation to people feeling excluded.

            Wells, O’Malley and now you, all try to pretend that what Obama and Harper have said in regards to ‘root causes’ is the same as how Justin has used the words in relation to people feeling excluded. Such is a false pretension.

          • keep on splitting those hairs FV, if it gives you something to do. I think i’ll throw my lot in with the pro like Wells and Kady thanks.

          • Oh, kmc2, really. Most of us already know that you have thrown in your lot with the pros like Wells and Kady. You didn’t have to tell us that! It’s been so obvious! Lol.

          • Of course Harper won’t mention root causes? He is part of them.

            Good gawd! The U.N. Security Council, requested Harper to join 60 other countries. They want Syria to be prosecuted by ICC, for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Harper point blank refused. Needless to say, the U.N. Security Council, banned Harper a seat. Harper pitched one of his his hissy fits over that one.

            ICC also found Harper guilty of, stonewalling and blocking evidence for ICC.s investigation, into the torture of the Detainee’s. Harper even prorogued Parliament, so he wouldn’t have to answer for his crimes.

            ICC’s Chief Prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, was to charge Harper with war crimes and crimes against humanity.

            Any fool knows for any action, there is a root cause and a motive. Doh. Why do you think they use Profiler’s?

          • Here’s an idea.

            Since you are capable of making your points so eloquently, why not make this to be a campaign slogan come next election:

            “Harper: charge him with war crimes!”

            “Harper: charge him with crimes against humanity!”

            Such slogans are winners! They have won you over already, I see! Good: stand your ground, my friend. Canada is a free country.

          • Good grief! No-one will stoop down to Harper’s level. Your suggestion of slogans are the exact ones, only Harper would use. Harper is the only one to use, silly little juvenile attack ads.

            As usual. You shoot your mouth off, before your brain is in gear.

          • I apologize for having tried to help you out. I see you have plenty to go on for finding slogans:

            “No-one will stoop down to Harper’s level!” There you go. Not what Justin had in mind. But then again: maybe he does!

            Thank you for reading my posts.

          • Your posts really aren’t worth reading. Harper’s attack ads are, mudslinging, name calling, bullying and disgusting.

            And no. Mulcair, Justin nor May would ever stop to Harper’s level. Nor would they hand this country, to Communist China.

          • Thank you for reading my posts and taking the time to respond to them!

            I appreciate it.

          • Stop with the lies. You don’t appreciate my response, what-so-ever.

          • This is a free country. We are allowed to differ in opinion.

            Thank you once again for reading my posts, and for responding to them. I appreciate it. Always!

          • You really have an unhealthy and scary obsession with Justin Trudeau. I hope the RCMP are on to you real soon.

          • What, you are concerned about ethics?

            (Justin is about to give a speech at a school he has been invited to, at a cost to the school of $10,000 dollars. Justin was at first reluctant to do this since he already gets an MP salary, but the vote in the House that day was not that important….)

            Justin walks onto the podium pulling a little red wagon full of scissors:

            “People, people, this should be an outrage; the government has decided to add $3 to the cost of this little red wagon because it was made in China. And these scissors, dear middle class, all of these scissors are now costing 10 cents more because of another tariff attached to the made in China product. And outrage for the middle class, simply an outrage!!”

            Justin then wipes his curly hair away from his brow before pulling his little red wagon up and down the stage to show each and every student and parent the many scissors waiting in the wagon to be sold. The students and parents clap, and clap and clap some more. Then Justin is done and goes behind the stage, and as he does so, bowing one last time to the audience which he will then leave breathless.

            Behind the stage Justin pulls the headmaster aside and says:

            “Dear headmaster, could you CUT me that cheque for $10,000 now. Sending it in the mail will only add the cost of a stamp, non?”

          • Good for you. Finally the Liberals are learning how to milk the sentiment of the voters. They’ve got you! (Now, don’t try to convince us that when Conservatives fundraise that it is a bad, bad, bad, thing! Or is it not a bad thing when the Liberals do it??)

            Consistency is not one of your strong suits, is it?

          • Tell all of us, what your consistency is? You don’t know enough, to critique anyone else. You are an authority of squat.

          • Thank you for showing us once again how shiny an example you make!

          • See what I mean? You don’t even get, what is going to land on all our heads. However don’t worry. I told the opposition they are, useless, spineless, gutless wonders. I told many of Harper’ caucus, the same damned thing.

          • I have told many people that root causes as to why people feel excluded cannot be found. Searching for root causes for why people feel excluded is a useless search. But to you think Justin will listen to such reason?

            We will find out when he explains some more about what he is hoping to find when searching for root causes as to why people feel excluded.

        • sharon has an excellent point. In virtually all cases, SH & his team put out attack ads that not only do not have an appearance from SH. Where I come from attacking anonymously from the background is cowardice. Indeed, there is no evidence that Harper is not a coward. He has never entered a boxing ring (or even given the shirt off his back) for charity, and he is afraid to play hockey so he just writes about it. It is good his kids take after their mom.

          • I never would have guessed that you would be willing to loose all credibility by posting this sort of non sense. But maybe I had you wrongly assessed before reading this post.

            You are acting like a child. No wonder teacher Justin works for you!

          • But when you do it, it is fiendishly clever?

            Why is it your exercises in tangential connect the dots are ok, but Stewart’s are childish?

          • I will explain further why that is so (to be clever) as soon as Justin corrects the math on display behind him………..!!! LOL

          • The Math is right. It’s just incomplete. The so called Conservatives are pissed about it. A very subtle jab and, a damn good one..

          • That is quite the statement to make, nameless no doubt, when not knowing the difference between:

            (4x)x(2x)=8x and 4×2=8x

            Does Justin know the difference? I hope he does.

          • Oh for gawd sake. You have been proved wrong, how many times now? You are a.p.i.t.a. You are one of the most dim bulbs, on this board. If you can’t remember, scroll down. Some very highly intelligent people proved you wrong, many times. You even called a computer a liar. The Conservatives got the message.

            God all Friday!! Take a long walk off, a short pier. You are becoming very tiresome.

          • Now, now!
            Remember what Justin wants you to do! Be nice!

            Thank you for reading and responding to my posts. It’s appreciated.

          • Well. I am not Justin and, I don’t have to be nice. I don’t put up with crap, from any Politician. What is b.s. is b.s no matter how you slice it. I certainly let them know, what I think of all of them.

            People are so damned stupid. It’s fine if my Politician is a liar, thief and corrupt? But, not yours. How stupid is that? Stop damned excusing them. That just gives them permission to keep on with their lies and dirty tactics.

            And yes. I am totally pissed off at Harper. I let him know why, that is too. He is a pompous, arrogant, dictator and, a control freak, who is making one hell of a mess in this country.

          • Do you feel excluded? Do you feel that someone needs to search for the root cause of you feeling excluded? Then Justin is the man for you!

            Thank you for reading my posts. And I say so in the nicest way!

          • I don’t believe that it is a requirement for a PM to be able to play hockey, or to be able to skate for that matter. But if that’s the sort of thing you feel is a must for becoming a PM, hey, set your goals!

            When I write cleverly about Justin and his giving of speeches with his little red wagon beside him as a prop, and asking for the $10,000 for the speech when standing backstage, then that says something about Justin’s character in relation to doing politics. Knowing how to play hockey has nothing to do with politics!

          • “and he is afraid to play hockey”

            Can’t skate, that’s why

            On the subject of things he hasn’t done, I recall him mentioning one time how he would have liked to join the Forces . .. yeahh, riiiiight.

          • I don’t think I have ever heard you call someone a coward before because they are not athletic. You might want to remember that many sportswriters write about sports because they aren’t athletic enough to play.

          • Then there are those who think, Harper is a Conservative? He was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation Party of 1989. He was linked with Christian Fundamentalists, among other very dubious links. Harper a Dictator and a control freak, has kept his old time policies. Some are saying. Canada is Harper’s Fourth Reich. Harper does fit the profile.

            All Dictators need henchmen, to do their dirty work for them. Harper’s list of degenerates are, as long as your arm.

            In Canada. Corrupt thieving Politicians are rewarded. Just ask, ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell? Harper rewarded him, the post of High Commissioner to England, for doing Harper’s dirty work for him. Harper and Campbell have the dirtiest, most corrupt and foul, political records, in the recorded history of this Nation.

      • You do not understand how dumb the contents of your post is. Therefore I forgive you. When such dumb comments are posted, I feel I must offer forgiveness, because I really think you have no idea what you are saying. You parrot talking points without those points making sense!

        The Justin ad is Justin’s first dialog with Canadians? Get a grip or try to get an education.

        • “You do not understand how dumb the contents of your post is(are?)…..I forgive you”

          You are behaving like a sanctimonious ass Francien

          • Francien badly needs an irony detector. Perhaps we should all chip in and get her one.

          • Do you believe that 2×4=8x is correct?

            Because that’s what the math behind Justin says…………………….(probably a staff member doing the math, independently!!!)

          • Solve algebraic equation for X.

            Complete all math for sides, 4X2=8 on the left so:

            Conveniently, dividing by 8 clears the 8’s, so:

            They teach this in high primary now don’t they?

          • Wrong!

            ‘x’ is the unknown factor to be solved. Saying that 8=8x is wrong because it does not say what the ‘x’ is in relation to the 8 it has been attached to.

            (2x)x(4x)=8x is the correct equation for establishing the 8x.

            The equation mark (‘=’) is always the equal mark, as in being equal that which comes before the = and that which comes after.

          • Apparently you’ve never studied algebra. Nothing wrong with that. But here, I’ll let a computer solve the problem for you as well:

          • The ‘x’ factor can stand for anything. It can stand for 1 but not necessarily so!

          • X exists to be solved. There are cases where it can not be – usually due to a lack of information – but in this case we have everything we need to resolve the question. The answer is empirically 1.

            Arguing against this point is not a winning position and you really should stop instead of letting yourself continue to be trolled by Rogoff and/or playing to stereotype. But, hey, your call.

          • Again, you are wrong! The argument here is not that sometimes the factor x cannot be solved.

            The argument here is that 2×4=8x is false!

          • 2X4=8X is an entirely valid algebraic expression waiting to be solved. Sorry they didn’t teach algebra when you went to school, but I’m glad you’ve had the chance to learn something new today though!

          • Not so.

          • “The ‘x’ factor can stand for anything. It can stand for 1 but not necessarily so!’
            You ARE a twit. This is a system of one equation, one unknown. 4*2=8x has one solution – x = 8.

            Suppose instead it is one equation, two unknowns 4*2y=8x. This equation has an infinite set of solutions (one solution for x for each value of y).
            Suppose instead it is two equations in two unknows, 4*2y=8x, and x=4y+2. This system has one solution (y=-12, x=-46)

            And to say economics doesn’t rely on basic algebra!?! Change x and y to P and Q, and you have a demand function. Change x and y to K and L and you have a production function. These are the basics from which all microeconomics (and by extension macro) starts!

            You truly are ignorant, Francien. Tell others they behave like children, and meanwhile you have the education level of one.

          • **Pardon, typo… at the top, x=1, not 8.

          • Are you saying that the factor x can only stand for 1? Or what are you trying to dispute?

            There are many business people who have never even learned algebra when being schooled, but who are now running very successful businesses!

            I have never said that economists do not use algebra when considering business. No wonder you have a need for twisting and turning my response upside down so that you can then call me a twit. Why not leave my responses as how they were explained by me!

          • What am I disputing?
            “Do you believe that 2×4=8x is correct?” – Francien Verhoeven
            “Knowing that 2×4=8x is wrong, is enough!” – Francien Verhoeven
            What do you mean by is it correct? 2*4=8x is a question! A correct answer would be x=1. Incorrect would be an answer of x=2. Or 4. Or any infinite number of answers other than x=1.
            Whoever taught you algebra should be fired. Or put in cabinet.

          • This is what it says behind Justin on the board:

            (4x+6) (x+2)

            Now, if you can do that math, you show us! I will be looking forward to it!

          • ‘(4x+6) (x+2)’
            Without an equals sign, this isn’t an equation. It’s just numbers on a board. It is no more or less correct than randomly writing ’42’ on the board. Or ‘blue’. Without an equals sign, it doesn’t mean anything.

            As per above, this is a question, with solution x=1.

          • Hey, I can agree with that post! The last lines of numbers are just loose numbered statements. Just like Justin’s last statements in the ad: loose statements saying nothing in particular!

            Good back prop, in that sense! It matches.

          • 1x you mean, right :)

            God this thread is funny! Watching FV doing algebra is like watching an elephant ride a uni cycle…backwards…with a blindfold.

          • See below, I caught that about 5 seconds after posting it. :)

          • But in the meantime you are questioning the math as well. Funny that!

          • No! I wasn’t, that was a funny. Your comprehension skills are alarming deficient.

          • Actually, my comprehension skills are good; I understood fully what you corrected within your response to The_Original_Matlock.

            And I have received my answer as to the mathematical puzzle; we now have it confirmed that most of what the quibble was about that the math behind Justin’s posture, was merely a scribbling of unrelated numbers. Something to be proud of, I guess. Funny that!

          • Francien…read my lips, please…i don’t care. I don’t care if JT wrote it up there or he hired SG to do it for him…it’s irrelevant. It’s just an ad, not the Torah.

          • You are wasting your time. Getting any thing through to her is, an exercise in futility. As you can see. You can prove it a million times over. She will still say, she is much more intelligent than everyone else. She is an authority on nothing but everything.

          • 2x x 4x is 8x^2 your wench.

          • And what does that have to do with what has been written behind Justin.

            I mean, if you want to take the attention off the wrong math displayed behind Justin, you are doing a poor job of it.

            Our economy does not rely on knowing math in detail. Algebra is not a requirement for understanding the basics in this case. Knowing that 2×4=8x is wrong, is enough! (it would not surprise me if this Justin ad will not see airtime filled on tv)

          • seriously, do you actually know how to math or are you googling this as you go?

          • I’ve had a proper education, way back when the teacher still insisted we learn the basics.

          • Pretty pathetic that you would seize on the expressions written on the blackboard, I’m surprised you haven’t come up with an explanation that its the secret Liberal formula to raise taxes or some such.

            And hey, what about that Canadian flag . . . what kind of unpatriotic lefty doesn’t wear a Canadian flag lapel pin?

          • I guess you were considered gifted in math considering as you were blessed with extra fingers and toes . . . .

          • Clearly advice not taken…

            But of course, you can make up all sorts of disingenuous crap to justify why you think you are right…

            Hmmm…that approach sounds familiar…

          • I disagree with the contents of your post.

          • Prove it then? Perhaps if, your mouth was a little bigger, you could get both your feet in it.

          • Prove what? That I have proven it already? You want double proof? Hey, my name isn’t Chretien!

          • How intelligent you are? No-one believes you. You have made an @$$ of yourself. How many more people have to tell you? Actually. You are as bullheaded as Harper is. You are a control freak as well.

          • I am not here to be told to be quiet! Why would I be quiet when so much nonsense needs to be rebutted. Yours, for one.

            Why do you feel the need to tell me what to do? Why do you feel the constant need to be so rude in your remarks? Was it not Justin who asked us all to play ‘nice’??

            Has Justin’s advice already fallen on your deaf ears?

          • But? Teachers are dumb, aren’t they? That’s what you said. Your Teacher taught you what? Nothing?

            My son is an Electronics Engineer, calculus and all that geeky stuff. The Math wasn’t completed.

            AGAIN, you shot your mouth off, before your brain was in gear.

          • Ah, now come the false accusations flying around the corner. I think there are still teacher who are capable of teaching. Not all politicians are good (I’m sure you will agree!) and not all teacher are good!

            You should tell your no-name son, living in a no name family, that he is wrong in his assessment about some of the math on the blackboard behind Justin. I dare say so with my real name attached. Would your no-name son be so brave to tell me with his name attached?

          • Believe you me. You wouldn’t want to here from him. His tolerance for b.s. is a lot less than mine. However. As soon as he gets back, I most certainly let him know, you think he is stupid. To be an Electronics Engineer, there is no way, you can be stupid. He graduated with honors. Calculus and all that stuff. I have read others tying to get through to you. However. You are so much intelligent than everybody on this board. I will have to warn my son, you called a computer a liar as well. He will need to know? You are much more intelligent than a computer.

          • Believe you me; anyone who posts anonymously can say whatever. Maybe you have a son. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you are the son, and have taken the fake name of your father’s comment board name 18ditchwitch89?

            You could be Wherry in disguise. You could be kmc2 in disguise? How are we to know who you are?

            But thank you for reading my posts and for responding to them. I appreciate it.

        • You are a, brain dead fool. So, a Teacher is dumb? How about an Airline Pilot, A Nurse? A Fireman? A social Worker? A stay at home Mom? A Doctor? All of those have Teachers. Please “Rate”. Put yourself on your list, for dumb.

          Most of us remember having a Teacher. My kids had Teachers. In fact, Teachers have the most important job of all.

          Where did you fall off, the turnip truck.

          • Some education you must have had! Justin will be proud of you!

          • You bet. The difference with me is? I don’t give a damn who the Politician? I don’t excuse any b.s. from any of them. More than a few Politicians, have heard from me. It’s early days for Justin yet. Don’t think for one minute, I won’t let him have it both barrels too. I don’t even know who I will vote for, yet. As far as Harper? I would find a stout tree, and a rope.

          • Ah, I have written several political leaders too. I have even wrote Harper on many occasions when I don’t agree with him.

            Thank you so much for sharing your opinions.

          • You disagree with Harper? That’s a crock? You defend him, no matter how asinine he is. Even his FIPA deal with China, is fine with you.

          • It’s your choice to believe whomever you want; it’s a free country. Write Mr.Harper a letter asking him if I have written him in disagreement. I will give you permission hereby to ask him whatever it is you don’t believe coming out of my mouth. Please, do what ever you must do to satisfied your demand.

    • There is nothing more tedious than replicating the same post on separate discussion threads. No, wait, there is . . . replicating the post on separate discussion threads when the post is so damn inane.

      • Silly me; here I was thinking that the Justin’s ad was for replication purposes only. Lol. You must really not like the Justin ad doing its rounds then!

        • As I said . . . inane

          • need an s?

            Sorry FV, couldn’t .help myself.

  2. Trudeau might not be wandering around a glade but he has wandered into the wrong classroom. Hello Mr Trudeau, what are you doing here? The drama ‘class’ is down the hall and to your right.

    And if Trudeau was proud of his work experience, we would see clips of Trudeau reading french books and asking the class ‘what does the author mean ….. ‘or he would be prancing around class like a ballerina telling his class to feel their emotions.

    The Trudeau that appears in Con ads is better, he seems ever so interesting and not nearly as fake as in these Lib ads.

    • Trudeau taught high school math and French, so he is perfectly at ease with a blackboard full of algebraic equations. Plus he started engineering which is also full of math.

      • Started engineering…. then realized that was too hard for him so he’d just take the job as an MP that his family pedigree had promised him.

        • Started engineering, and then decided that it wasn’t for him, no matter how much he enjoyed the math.

          I have a son that was looking at enviromental engineering, but changed his mind and has decided that working with future generations is more important. He is currently studying to become a teacher.

          • My son is an Electronics Engineer Grad. He has decided to switch to a Mining Engineer. Can you believe this? I actually sent him to school, to be taught by “dumb” Teachers. I wonder how “dumb” Harper’s Teachers were? I am going to e-mail him and ask? Perhaps that’s what happened to Harper? Do ya think?

      • High school math? The only reference I’ve seen has him teaching grade 4 math – and often diverting the class to political discussions of Canada vs the USA and so on.

        He dropped out of Engineering, didn’t he? I fail how that makes him credible when it comes to math.

    • He taught drama as a sub. But you knew that didn’t you? And what have you got against drama teachers anyway? Are you slyly suggesting they’re all a bunch of poofters, pansies and drama queens by any chance? Which is what the original ad insinuated…you disgust me. You cheer on this kind of lying and bullying like it was a form of entertainment just for you, without any consequences. Meanwhile I’m trying to teach my kid not to bully[ or be bullied] nor judge people at face value. While half wits like you think there’s no harm in it because its a Trudeau up there.

      • “Are you slyly suggesting they’re all a bunch of poofters, pansies and drama queens by any chance?”

        wiki – Psychological projection was first conceptualized by Sigmund Freud as a defence mechanism in which a person unconsciously rejects his or her own unacceptable attributes by ascribing them to objects or persons in the outside world instead. Thus, projection involves projecting positive or negative qualities onto others, and is a common psychological process.

        • Your words: “prancing around class like a ballerina”;
          Hester, you, unlike the government you defend, are perfectly transparent.

        • IOWs you do think that. It was a question not a statement on my part after all.Whether i think it is irrelevant – you put it out there. But feel free to cower behind Freud all you like.

      • I’ll gladly say that a part-time high school drama teacher does not have the requisite experience or expertise to lead a nation of over 30M people. That’s not an attack on teachers, it’s a simple fact. Like why I wouldn’t want a teacher doing heart surgery on me either.

        But maybe your right. Maybe Junior should go to the principal and tell on Harper for being a bully. I suspect the principal would tell him that he’s a 41-year-old grown man and he should learn to handle these problems himself.

        • Well if that was ALL you are saying, you might have a point.
          “a part time high school…”you can’t even frame a question without gagging on the tps can you?

          The bullying has nothing to do with taking a negative line on Trudeau…as in he’s too inexperienced etc.,
          It’s all the crap that comes with it. The lies; the exaggerations; the sly insinuations. And you are saying in effect that being a teacher doesn’t cut it -especially a so called drama teacher.
          The public can make its own mind up as to whether he’ll be ready in two years for office. It doesn’t need the lying spin. Which says more about you than him in any case.
          It has to do with the lies you spout to get there and the spin you put on it…einstein.

        • Who teaches the surgeons, nurses, social workers, police officers, Harper, firemen, a stay at home mom, your kids, yourselves, the teachers themselves? Yes. Teachers are sure dumb. Harper acted on a T.V. show himself. Do you think, Harper had a drama Teacher? Harper even performs Beatles songs.

          My son is an Engineer. I know damned well I sent him to school, to be taught by Teachers.

          • Exactly. Teachers teach, so that others can actually do things. My point is that it just doesn’t give them the required experience and skills to lead a country.

        • Aside from working at a Conservative think tank Harper has never had a job outside of politics…..if you count running a conservative think tank as a job outside of politics.
          Harper grew up reasonably well off as the son of an oil company accountant. Trudeau grew up very well off as the son of the Prime Minister.
          Harper was first elected at the age of 34, Trudeau was first elected at the age of 37.
          As hard as it is to believe Justin Trudeau has more real world experience than the Prime Minister did when he was elected to the office.
          Sure Trudeau taught school, and was a camp counselor and bouncer at a bar, and a ski instructor. Those are all normal jobs that normal Canadians hold, they’re also jobs where you are trusted with the safety of other people, where your knowledge and judgement are the only tools available to you.
          Shocking, but if we’re looking at resumes in a vacuum. Trudeau is better quaified to “understand” the plight of the average Canadian.

          • Um, Harper’s been PM for over 7 years. That’s pretty good to have on the resume if the job your seeking is to be PM. Trudeau can’t run against Harper in 2006, he’ll have to run against Harper in 2015.

  3. 4 x 2 = 8x ????

    • (4x)(2) = 8x or 4x x 2 = 8x …. I think is what they were going for.

    • (later they will claim that Justin did not do the math written on the back board…..LOL, ” A staff member wrote the math” they will say……..doing it all….in the background…………)

      • More likely they borrowed Moffatt’s classroom.

    • if you’re solving for x, the answer is one.

      • How do you know the left side of the equation wasn’t a 2×4 on edge?

        • Because it was clearly a Liberal Party troll to find out how many “economic experts” on forums can’t do grade school algebra.


          • Actually, to be more to the point: Liberal prop providers were of grade school quality, non?

  4. Aw come on. I miss St Michael Amongst The Trees.

    • The Mercer take was hilarious…where the grizzly got him.

  5. The CPC posters have not made us of the best available line.

    Trudeau’s world tilts to the left.

    • So, teachers tilt to the left? Well, we all know that much. We don’t need a Justin ad to explain that.

      • hint: look at the globe

    • World?
      You are a very polite individual.

  6. The math was a nice touch. [hope they checked for errors. I’d have liked to see the answer is 42 at the bottom too] but he might have had an anti bullying poster tucked back in the corner somewhere? Or panned the camera off into the class where mayhem was breaking out.[ paper air planes, girls in pig tails being chased, a nerdy kid in specks being pummeled…the Harper govt in perpetual, eternal grade 8 IOWs]

    Sigh…Can’t shake those spitting image years. In a way the tories have a point. Anyone who’s seen the relentless barrage of viscious and very funny stuff that Thatcher had thrown at her daily would never call those CPC Trudeau ads bullying – not by comparison anyway.Perhaps it’s just the fact that the “left” bullies in a far more entertaining way than the right? Although SI did pummel everyone on the political/social scene in the UK – indeed everywhere.

    Far too much obsequious “respect” for politicians as serious people nowadays. They arn’t serious at all. They still need reminding of it.
    Not a bad start by JT. I’d still like to see a bit more satirical humour though. Half the fun of watching politicians get up on their ridiculous high horses, and lofty rhetorical perches is to see them fall on their arses at some point.

  7. Had to smile at the flag being there. Did Mr Dion ph in horror when he noticed it wasn’t? “Beleeve me Juustang, you gotta hav et der! Am cumin over wid one right away. Ok?” [ we all know it WAS always there, right Mr Harper?]

    Just amused me. I’m in and out of the schools in our town fairly often and i can’t recall seeing the flag just sitting out there, just so. Nice attention to detail.

    What’s up next JT? You powering through some white water, emerging smiling and gleaming with spray[ down ladies] on the other side of the rapids. ” Yes, i’ve been a white water guide too. Oddly enough i never thought it was a barrier to becoming a leader in our society.”

    • Ya, because Canadians will totally identify with Trust Fund Trudeau spending most of his working life doing what most people consider to be hobbies.

      • Hey you guys brought it up. Put it in an attack ad. I was having a little fun, but if he did manage to work it in as a sexy issue, that’s your look out. You play with the bull, sometimes you get the horn Ricky.[ get it Ricky?]

  8. I would like to see the CPC counter with an ad using Harper’s TV appearances . .. Reach for the Top, Murdoch Mysteries, inane commentary at the World Juniors . . .

  9. Just read this +comments now. Surreal. It never ceases to amaze me how far (or how low) partisan trolls will go. I certainly hope they are well paid for their efforts, as I shudder to think what type of a person does this for fun. Yikes…

    • You reading the comments. Was it fun for you? Isn’t that what you were doing, reading the comments? HAHAHAHA! Try contributing next time. That’s what Justin, as a teacher, would want good students to do!

      • Facepalm
        Keep chasing the great leviathan mon cap-i-tain…

        • Thank you for reading my posts!

          • In answer to your earlier stated question, it wasn’t fun at all. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that it was akin to watching an accident occur in slow motion. I’d be curious as to what a therapist would think about a person who dedicates so much time and energy arguing about a math equation on a blackboard in the background of a political advert. As mentioned, I hope you are paid well for your troubles.

          • Hey, each to their own; you spend your time following my comments around and take the time to respond to them (thank you again for responding to my posts), and I like to quibble over a mathematical possibility.

            Who says your kind of fun should be my kind of fun?

          • I personally think that your kind of fun is both predictable and boring. I used to be more involved with the comments years ago, and I personally find it rather sad that it is still the same old people pushing the same old crap, over and over again. As someone whose voting history has been all across “the spectrum”, I just can’t fathom how any intelligent individuals can justify total blind loyalty to any party. I think it is pretty accurate to say that you are not here to engage in ideas/discussions – you are here as a pusher/fighter. You get off on this – it brings meaning to your life. As you say – to each their own.

          • I don’t particularly care whether you think my kind of fun is predictable or boring. But thank you for reading them.

            For your information, I have helped Liberal campaigns (federal) when a local candidate ran for the party (nineties) and I have helped a NDP campaign in Edmonton (provincial – Ray Martin).

            Furthermore, if you really want to follow me consistently, you will find out that many of my posts are well-thought out, and, when read and considered, could offer a lot to an ongoing conversation about issues effecting our country.

            Here on the Macleans comment pages, there is not much to be had in terms of hoping for an intelligent discussion. Mostly empty statements being made against anything of value I have to say.

            But alas: Here’s an example of what I have posted just four days ago on a NP webpage (enjoy):

            The example you give of the ‘eye for an eye’ attitude and the not-understanding of third innocent party involvement, means that such a culture is incapable of using reason. For if such culture would be able to reason, and would be able to pass on such understanding of being able to reason, then such action of blinding the innocent, would stop.

            And that is precisely the main difference between ‘their’ societies or culture, and ‘ours’. The western world has reached that point of being able to reason, and reason well. Yet, it is now true that pockets within the western world are being filled by those who no longer understand the meaning of reason either, but then from a different angle, namely the angle of being in the illusion that they are thinking rationally (and here I am not talking about immigrants coming in).

            Some in the west (and hereby I will include well known thinkers) no longer understand (because they no longer fully understand the concept of reason) that when tolerance is being tolerant of intolerance, it is tolerance which will then be annihilated. Yet, a lot of us westerners do not understand that when we, as a tolerant society, manage to carry the meaning of tolerance overboard, if we have become tolerant of the intolerant and thereby harming the principle of tolerance, then we do more harm to the ‘none-western’ countries as well.

            When the west believes we must be tolerant of unreasonable behaviour, (and yes, claiming to be a terrorist because of religion or because of dissatisfaction about life is being unreasonable) then it is not just us who will loose out, but it will be those cultures you speak of as well who will not be helped in any way.

            The west must be on guard for what it really means to be reasonable. Being reasonable means being able to use reason to come to conclusion, for coming to conclusions to do things better!

          • “if you really want to follow me consistently”

            Just so we are clear, I have no such interest.
            My draw here was the subject of political adverts, which is more related to an ironic soft spot that developed while watching SNL throughout the 80’s and early 90’s (ie political attack ad spoofs – and they were pretty awesome).

            Seriously – what is up with your excessive narcissism? I’m not saying this to be mean or invalidate your views. You’re clearly intelligent. I’m simply asking why you think what you say is more important than anyone else? It comes off as very elitist, which is kinda ironic. In all likelihood, Rick Omen would not dare call you out on it, despite feeling justified in doing so when it comes to JT.

            Personally, despite my claims of non-partisanship (more detailed in the Wherry thread), my bias is that I naturally lean more to the left. For the last few years, I’ve tried to not give in to my natural instincts, and have really tried to shuffle through the fluff and listen to what the right is saying, or at least get an idea of what the concerns/motives are (instead of the oversimplified good VS evil crap).

            To be honest, I find it much easier to do this when I stay away from these comment threads. I find it most strange that you seem to be aware that that the behaviour here is akin to non stop throwing of fecal matter, but you don’t seem to acknowledge the role that you play in making it such. You want people to respect you and your ideas, but I don’t get the sense that you are able to reciprocate. You seem to prefer to identify yourself as a victim of stupid people, and by doing so, you kinda become one yourself. I’m sure there is a better way to express what I’m thinking here, but I hope you get some degree of where I am coming from.

            Anyhoots – I’m not looking for a debate (I already spent way too much time here today) – just wanted to chime in with my opinion, which might give you something or nothing to think about. In any case – Good luck!

          • Just so we are clear; the answer is always the same coming from people like you. You go on extensively about how I should behave or how I should be characterized to then go on to tell me that you have no interest in having a debate with me, because…….what was it?………Oh, yes, you are, anyhoots ” not looking for a debate….” You ” (already spent way too much
            time here today)” You ” – just wanted to chime in ” with youir opinion, which might
            give me something or nothing to think about.

            Indeed. Some would consider such behaviour as just displayed by you as being cowardly. Actually, it is me who considers it as such.

            Oh, and thank you for following my posts. Hope to find you again in the near future, when time permits, of course!

          • Ah yes. People like me. I hate those kind. Someone certainly needs to put a stop to that clone factory that produce my ilk. Nothing good will ever come of us, what with our cowardly disposition and whatnot. If I knew it was that kind of party, I wouldn’t have stuck my dick in the mashed potatoes! Cheers!

          • Unbelievable how you have claimed just earlier that you don’t have the time to do any debating (you have spent too much time at the comment boards today), yet, you do have the time to keep sending me notes on anything but debating points.

            What. was my included comment as posted on the NP comment boards too much for you to respond to?

            Why do commenters insist that Canada is in great need for having political debates and yet, who then is willing to be engaged in a reasonable debate? Not you either, as is clear enough!

            So onward with the garbage. Onward indeed!

          • Why do you feel so entitled, to the point where you think you should be able to control how people respond? But since you are pushing, I guess I will mention that it is not so much that I don’t have the time as it is that I am not willing to make the time I guess.

            Instead, I opted to waste a considerable amount of time trying to find those awesome SNL political ad parodies from the 80’s. Alas – no luck. Geo-blocking restrictions prevent me from being able to access NBC SNL website video content, and next to nothing can be found on Youtube (thanks to the strong arm of the copyright holders). Presently, there is no legal way for me to (even by paying) access this content. Thanks alot free market!

            And guess what?!? In the process, we both have demonstrated that each of
            us has differing interests that motivate us. The main diff being, I’m
            not actually trying to force you to adapt/except my interests. One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure!

          • What makes you think I feel entitled to the point where I think I should be able to control how people respond?

    • Keep scrolling down. You are in for a treat. Did you know, Teachers are dumb? I wonder how we can possibly have, Nurses, Social Workers, Police Officers, Firemen, Lab Techs, with dumb Teacher’s? Teaching isn’t even a job, did you know that? I swear I had Teachers, my kids had Teachers, How about the rest of you? How did we all learn?? Teachers are dumb?? Beats the hell out of me.

  10. I find it very condescending that Trust Fund Trudeau thinks he can equate Canadian voters and taxpayers to a classroom of high school students. I guess he doesn’t want to stray too far from his comfort zone, and I guess the classroom is the only place where he’s ever shown any leadership.

    • You are absolutely right. Teachers are really dumb. No-one should send their kids to school, that’s for damned sure. After all? Who wants their kids to be, Airline Pilots, Police Officers, Nurses, Social Workers, Firemen, Lab Techs, Scientists, Engineer’s and P.M? Well you get the gist. I wonder what “dumb” Teacher Harper had?

      Good gawd! People can be so, pathetically stupid. Teaching is the most important job there is. Do any of you have any idea, of what is in a Teacher’s course? Are people so stupid to think all Teachers do, is teach A B C, and that’s it?

  11. Yeah, he is a son. The son of wacky Margaret Trudeau. So if he wants to make a big deal about his petagry he should mentions his mother. After all he is alot like Maggie.

    • You should make sure you never shake hands with this man, as studies have shown that the wackiness propagates by touch. Will someone think of the children?!?

  12. This comment was deleted.

    • Maclean”s should not allow a post such as above, full of vulgarities, to be posted.

  13. This comment was deleted.

    • maclean’s should not allow a post such as this, so full of vulgarities

      • Agreed

      • Hello? Maclean’s?

      • Well no? Let the comments stay. This proves exactly what Harper has going for him. He fits right in with, Harper’s silly, little juvenile attack ads. Harper is a mudslinger, name caller, bully and, disgusting.

    • Justin, is that you?

  14. I’ll take a trustworthy, competent and visionary leader over a mean-spirited, overbearing and arrogant boss any day of the week. Harper and his entitled oddballs never represented Canada… but were the only choice until now. I predict a PC switch to full-on derogatory ads without the goofiness as the panic sets in.

  15. I’m voting PC in Ontario to punish stupidity and teach unions (ESPECIALLY teachers) about reality… but Liberals federally to pull the plug on self-rightious, US hugging politics including the F-35 mess, military helicopter rides to fishing excursions, lying MPs, PC pig trough’ing and taking credit for how Canada has always been fiscally run. Canada is not an internationally arrogant country but Harper and his PCs have made it so.

  16. Justin Trudeau: A man who shows up to a gunfight with a pea shooter!

    All this talk about positive vs negative ads in the media is pointless. In “attack ads” it doesn’t matter if your tone and content is positive, negative or a mixture thereof as long as you differentiate your leader and party from the opposition in a positive (i.e. favourable for your party) way.

    It is highly questionable if this Liberal ad accomplished the latter in any way. One has to wonder if they even know they have an opposition.

    If Justin and the Liberals keep putting out this type of insubstantial drivel, they will be allowing the Conservatives and other opposing parties to define them on their terms. For this reason, future ads by the Grits (unless they are true rebuttals–this was not) should not include references to opposition attack ads as this one did (that was actually the most interesting part). Don’t criticize the ad, criticize the party and leader based on their policies and record–if you can manage it Justin.

    • That’s all Justin needs, is a peashooter.

  17. Trudeau seems to tilt more towards the sanity end of the political spectrum.

  18. from the article; “Back then, Liberals compounded the confusion about why Ignatieff was
    speaking to Canadians from the wildwood by declining to say exactly what
    thicket served as their set.”

    And that was really an issue, “back then”?

    Looking at it now you have to wonder about the media if they thought that that was an issue.