A floor-crossing afoot?


Liberal leader Bob Rae and Denis Coderre are due in the national press theatre in 15 minutes for an announcement and Radio-Canada is reporting that NDP MP Lise St-Denis will be going over to the Liberal side.


A floor-crossing afoot?

  1. I guess we still need to see the announcement, but I don’t see how this can be good news for anyone but the Conservatives.

    • I would think it would be best for the Liberals.  I would also think the harper CPC lost a lot of authority to criticize this sort of thing 5 minutes into their first mandate with Emerson, but the ability of the CPC to say directly opposite things only a few moments apart is legendary. 

      • It’s not that the Tories are going to make hay of it, but it spotlights the disarray in the Official Opposition is in. Mind you, the Bloc finished second in the riding, so this might help them a lot in the next election if they last that long.

  2. If Ms St Denis’ wiki bio is accurate, I can see why Libs will be delighted to have her. Who wouldn’t want to have a pensioner with non-Hodgkin lymphoma? Rae, Copps and Denis boldly leading Libs into 21st century. Ms St Denis’ defection is clearly a sign that Libs will win majority next election and become Natural Governing Party once again. 

    • I think (if he were to bother) Young Trudeau might have an expression to describe your comment.

      I also think he might be right.

    • So, is that why the CPC dumped Chuck Cadman as a candidate?  Cancer patients need not apply?

      • Cadman lost a nomination challenge – how does that constitute “dumping”?

        • It’s unusual for a sitting MP who holds a critic portfolio to face nomination challenges; why do you think he refused to rejoin the party after he won as an independent?  Because they dumped him, sick or not sick!

          • “It’s unusual for a sitting MP who holds a critic portfolio to face nomination challenges”

            Cadman got elected as a Reform party candidate, a party that avowedly maintained that the grassroots was always and evermore paramount and nomination battles were often faced by incumbents.  You appear to be confusing the CPC the sort of meddling in local constituency affairs that was the “business as usual” for Chretien and his political henchmen. 

          • Keep stretching. 

    • Yes, information on the internet about LSD is scarce, but from what I’ve found:

      -Denied accusations she is a “ghost” MP and news report she is not present in her riding for weeks at a time
      -An old school feminist scold whose few speeches in the house are generally devoted to shaming men
      -Objected to adding new MPs over concerns of cost, a stupid argument given the fact the government spends $275 billion a year.
      -Here’s a nice pic of LSD with a cheat sheet to help her sing the national anthem http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/TopStories/20111123/ndp-mps-sing-the-national-anthem-111123/ 
      -LSD lives in Montreal and, like Ruth Ellen Brosseau has no connection whatsoever to the riding she represents and was originally intended to be a “stunt” candidate.
      -Google translation of her comments on Jack Layton’s death: ‘The electoral victory was that of Jack. We will prove that we are all up to this victory. I think his death will create cohesion within the party. ”
      -This article suggests electoral irregularities in getting nomination:   http://www.lechodelatuque.com/Actualites/Politique/2011-05-05/article-2482661/Le-doute-plane-sur-la-candidature-de-Lise-St-Denis/1

      • Thank you. 

  3. This comment was deleted.

    • So sayeth a turd.

  4. Can’t wait for the principled Conservative outrage decrying this cynical, undemocratic ploy. Can’t wait. Can’t wait.

    • What makes you think the CPC cares one whit about this?

      • Hey, my political instincts might be way off. The CPC might let this pass without comment, without some hypocritical ‘how dare she!’ crap. We shall see.

  5. Certainly curious that she would do this only a few months after the election, and just weeks before the NDPs new leader is chosen. Her press conference & reasons given were very vague on her reasons for crossing. Wonder what’s being left unsaid. Was she just a “Jack Layton” dipper?

    • I’m curious too. Being the cynic I am, I assume (perhaps wrongly) that it’s being done for some political advantage… but I can’t see the political advantage of jumping off a sinking ship in favour of a ship that’s already beneath the waves.

    • It’s Chretien’s former riding – me thinks he’s got something to do with it.

      • I dunno…an admitted “slate filler” MP who was never serious about having the job, needs a cheat sheet for the lyrics to O Canada, had signature irregularities in her nomination & who whines about being a backbencher instead of a critic while crossing the floor…I’m not sure the Liberals should be jumping for joy at this.

        • Just to be clear. The songsheet was required for the English lyrics.

          You might know the French lyrics (the original ones by the way) from school but Mme St-Denis probably went to school before learning the lyrics to the national anthem in both official languages was taught.

  6. Though floor-crossers often say they are switching parties for philosophical reasons the real reason is usually more personal.

    Ms. St.-Denis, when asked to cite reasons why she preferred the Liberals to the NDP,  mentioned that she preferred the Liberal stance on continuing with the targeted aerial bombing of Libya last fall, and she was also opposed to the NDP policy of eliminating the Senate.

    So, I would think that either the 71 year old Ms. St.-Denis believes that a Senate seat awaits her when the LPC win the next election or she intends on becoming a fighter pilot.  The odds are she should begin training in the cockpit immediately for her future career after 2015.

    • That Senate seat won’t do her any good, since she’ll immediately be over the mandatory retirement age.

  7. More coming out. She seems to be in the same boat as “Vegas” Ruth Ellen Brosseau. Only ran as a “slate filler” candidate & did not expect to win.

    “I wasn’t named a critic and I was sat in the back row because of my last
    name, which starts with S, so I had lots of time to look and listen to
    everyone,” St-Denis said (from CBC article)

    Hmm…seems like better chance of a critic’s portfolio in a caucus small enough that there are more critics jobs than caucus members?

    • Hey hey- careful what you say about Ruth-Ellen! She’s my hero.

      (note to self- old avatar image would have been appropriate for this post)

      • This comment was deleted.

        • I agree. The granny glasses and disdain for McCartney’s music unite them. And I won’t even mention they both married strong-willed asian women.

          • Yet McCartney wrote Back in the USSR…… it’s very complicated. Better ask Turd for the Conservitude directive before this conversation proceeds any further……

  8. Kind of reminds me of a ship going down.  The rats scurry from one side to the other looking for a way to stay dry.  The NDP/Liberal ship is sinking and the poor rat is shifting her position.

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