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‘A fundamental change is needed’


Heather Scoffield considers the Auditor General’s findings on Aboriginal welfare.

Education, adequate housing, clean drinking water and child welfare are all in an “unacceptable” state, despite a large stack of government recommendations, initiatives and money over the years, a 10-year examination of First Nations policy concludes.

“I am profoundly disappointed to note … that despite federal action in response to our recommendations over the years, a disproportionate number of First Nations people still lack the most basic services that other Canadians take for granted,” Fraser wrote. “After 10 years in this job, it has become clear to me that if First Nations communities on reserves are going to see meaningful progress in their well-being, a fundamental change is needed.”


‘A fundamental change is needed’

  1. While Canada routinely ranks in the top ten of the United Nations Human Development Index (HDI) …. Registered Indians living on reserves are ranked approximately 68th, somewhere between Bosnia and Venezuela, while off-reserve Indians are ranked 36th.

    “Gary Becker – Nobel Prize Winner – … presented evidence that discrimination is more pervasive in more-regulated, and therefore less-competitive, industries.”

    Ronald Reagan ~ The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help’.

  2. About bloody time….there is no excuse for third-world living conditions in a country as wealthy as this one. We need to clean up our own back-yard before we go criticizing other nations.

    • Unfortunately, the raising of the issue by the AG is no guarantee that anything will change.

      • Very true, but the more high-profile people that raise the issue adds to the focussing and urgency of the situation.

        Most people never see reserves, or aboriginals for that matter….so they never think about it. It’s only when people see a protest that they realize the situation is still going on.

        It’s not ‘visible’ much of the time, but she at least shone a spotlight on it.