A global tour of carbon pricing


As noted yesterday, Stephen Harper is presently in India, a country that has a carbon tax. After India, he will visit the Philippines, where pig farmers are currently selling carbon credits.

In June, Mr. Harper visit France, which previously abandoned plans for a carbon tax, but is part of the European Union’s emissions trading system.

In March, Mr. Harper visited Thailand, South Korea and Japan. Thailand is reportedly moving towards a cap-and-trade system. Japan has now introduced a carbon tax, while Tokyo has had a cap-and-trade system for the past year. South Korea passed cap-and-trade legislation in May.

In February, Mr. Harper visited China, which is now experimenting with a carbon market.

In January, Mr. Harper delivered a speech in Switzerland, which has both a carbon tax and a trading system.

(In September, Mr. Harper visited Russia, which is maybe (?) thinking about cap-and-trade.)


A global tour of carbon pricing

  1. Harper is always outdated, and on the wrong side of history.

  2. Yet another case of Harper playing chess while everybody around him plays checkers.

    One of these days, somebody should really let the guy know he’s in the wrong damn room.

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