‘A good start’


The Globe editorial board finds a more optimistic angle.

It is the job of a leader not just to introduce policies, but to explain and promote them. If Mr. Harper did not show faith in his ability to lead Canada out of recession, why would anyone else?

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‘A good start’

  1. Harper reminds me of Richard Nixon circa pre-resignation when the entire world saw him for the fake he was.

    Though Nixon lost much popular support, including from some in his own party, he rejected accusations of wrongdoing and vowed to stay in office.[150] He insisted that he had made mistakes, but had no prior knowledge of the burglary, did not break any laws, and did not learn of the coverup until early 1973.[152] On November 17, 1973, during a televised question and answer session with the press,[151] Nixon said,
    People have got to know whether or not their President is a crook. Well, I’m not a crook. I’ve earned everything I’ve got.[153]


    Just saying…

  2. Except that, well, he didn’t.
    He showed faith in Obama’s ability to lead us out of the recession, and basically denied that he’d have any ability to do anything like it.

    • So Harper is now Bart Simpson – ‘I didn’t do it!’ ?
      He comes across more like a disgruntled cross between Chief Wiggum and Mr Burns to me.

    • last i checked Pres Obama is not our PM

  3. []this is just so many more apologists trying to *help out* and reason away or normalize the unacceptable. why do you think newspapers/media are “dying” off?

    []all this is cold comfort to children who are going hungry and whose futures have been sold; or their parents who are losing their dignity and their jobs because of callous indifference by the minority conservs who have the appearance of caring but severely lack the substance thereof.

    []“But they also aim to lead by example, to fuel a sense of optimism, to restore consumer confidence and encourage private investment…” encourage private investment…after displaying the greatest lack of judgement i have seen, saying that Ontario was the last place to invest, e.g.? how do they convince investors to stay w/o further selling us out? i would not let kids in my family/concern near these ppl as examples. “where there is no vision, the ppl perish.”

    []“…if it is to have any effect at all, governments must actively sell their plans to the public.” it is the opposition (thank G-d) that devised, effected and sold us on our Canadian stimulus plan by forcing the min govt to accept Ignatieff’s recommendations and to act, albeit begrudgingly.

    []“But it is curious that it took him six weeks after his government’s budget was introduced to make a detailed case for it to a live Canadian audience.” it is not curious; it is shameful and revealing; the conservs need to get out of the way and let others who know what they’re doing take over; i’d even take back Paul Martin if he returned.

    []“If U.S. President Barack Obama is able to find time to discuss his stimulus plans in town-hall meetings, should not Mr. Harper be able to do likewise?” so a *foreign leader*, let alone the opposition, rules by proxy now? in a town-hall meeting the conservs would get creamed directly/indirectly especially if they continue to try to manipulate reality by “hand-picking” their audiences and the questions and the situation.

  4. As said in the Globe and Mail by Stephen Wicary
    ‘In explaining how his vaunted home-renovation tax credit works, Stephen Harper quipped: “In my experience it works like this: If you own a home and you have a wife, you will probably be doing home renovations in this year.”
    And like he said, what is this Mad Men? Are we in the 1950’s? Sure let’s give money to blue collar goody goodies who stay at home and who have wives, who I’m guessing also stay at home, NOT working because come on, who doesn’t want to raise the children for 18 years? Just live off your husband who goes to work and make money and stay at home and oversee the renovations. Way to contribute to the economy and to life in general. And Stephen Harper is no Don Draper. Is he cheating on his wife? Is she?

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