A job-creating election


Eric Beauchesne surveys the economic ramifications of an election.

In fact, Statistics Canada’s analysis of changes in employment in the wake of the October 2008 election campaign, suggests an election would create thousands of temporary jobs. “With the federal election in mid-October, there were large employment gains in public administration, spread across most provinces,” Statistics Canada said in its analysis of what was a 40,000 increase in full-time employment in October 2008. “Most of the increase was among occupations related to the election process,” it added, noting there were no job gains in other areas to explain the surge in employment that month.


A job-creating election

  1. This is, no doubt, why the Harper government has kept the nation on a perpetual election footing these last many months. It's a job creation strategy.

    They should have incorporated it into their Economic Action Plan.

  2. What happens to all the political staff in the PMO, ministers' offices, MP offices … do they still get paid, or are they laid off?

  3. I'm glad SOMEone is creating jobs, it's just a pity they're temporary.

  4. it is part of The Next Phase of Canada's Economic Action PlanA Low Tax Plan for Jobs and Growth

  5. Does that mean by not wanting to have an election Mr. Harper is a job destroyer?

  6. I can see it now: "The Harper Government's Economic Action Plan has resulted in the conversion of thousands of traditionally temporary jobs into permanent careers thorough its commitment to keeping Canada in a full-time campaign mode" <fine print: "until such time as we gain a majority…in which case the jobs become permanently obsolete".>

  7. The government doesn't stop working just because the Commons isn't sitting. We still pay everyone to do their jobs – although people in the PMO who take on active campaign roles for the party or candidates will take an upaid leave of absence.

  8. You want an election, Wherry. We got it!

  9. Unless they are paid by the party. That is the benefit of having a huge Goliath of a fundraising war chest.

  10. Look, this is very nice but ignores what else could be done with the 300 millski. We could buy white elephants – one for each province – and the requisite facilities and attendants to properly and honorably care for Canada’s New white elephants. And many of those jobs would be permanent! There will be problems if there aren’t enough white elephants for every province but on the plus side they might be unexpectedly cheap to get from Indian princes who were given white elephants as gifts and do not understand the economic benefits that they have been getting from them.

  11. wheres the whitty comments on this site? you canadians are really dumb. Im waiting to read a 'my dad can beat your dad' comment. but hey man, no mothers!! eh. hahahaha
    PS, thanks for the free oil!

  12. I have a web site where I give investment advise on penny stocks and stocks under five dollars. I don't believe that the unemployment situation in the united states will improve anytime soon. advancing technology which greatly improves productivity without adding any new employees will keep job growth to a minimum' in addition the outsourcing of manufacturing and service jobs to foreign countries will continue and even excellerate in the coming years' and because of the tremendous over capacity of labor in the market place' wages and benifit increases will be will be kept to a minimum. business owners will be the primary benifituaries of this trend not the employees of the company. this is a very disturbuting trend. I would like those of you that own a business and have employees to at least think about the consequences of this negative trend.

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