‘A little bit Conservative’


An interesting pitch from the Conservative candidate in Victoria (a riding that hasn’t elected a Conservative since 1984).

The closing argument is “Lets (sic) not send another MP to Ottawa who will be shut down,” which seems a rather negative assessment of the Harper government’s treatment of opposition MPs.


‘A little bit Conservative’

  1. We elect politicians for FIVE years in this country, Conservative Party of (supposedly) Canada. Any arguments that there is legislation to the contrary have been dispelled by one Rt. Hon. Steven Harper.

  2. He’s not an MP yet. How can they state he has already done well as one?

  3. Ha. I had the sound off and thought I was watching a hair products commercial. Take that JT. You have no monopoly on virtuous locks!

  4. Can anyone name a “little bit conservative” backbencher that isn’t shut down?

  5. “Lets (sic) not send another MP to Ottawa who will be shut down,”

    LOL…oh lordy that made my day, absent apostrophe error an all.

    I was looking for the mercer tag all the way through. How can you run on being a little bit conservative? Only on lovely, nutty VI.

    • It DOES have a certain Merceresque style. Anyhoo, that missing apostrophe got lost; it is living now on a “who’s” that’s supposed to be a “whose.” Imagine paying for all that ad time and not bothering to hire a proofer.

      • Ha…just realized you said proofer…not poofter…lol

  6. Its actually a good add until the end there…

  7. The ad agency might want to correct “who’s” (it should be “whose”)

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