A Maclean’s photo poll: Pick the Prime Minister’s prop for Thursday’s photo op!


The PMO has just announced that Prime Minister Stephen Harper will visit the construction site at the Ottawa Convention Centre tomorrow morning. Over to you, macleans.ca readers! What prop will he appear with?

1. Nail gun:

2. Cello/ precocious lad combo:

3. Cat:

4. Snacks:

5. Mockup of election promise that will eventually be discarded:

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A Maclean’s photo poll: Pick the Prime Minister’s prop for Thursday’s photo op!

  1. Are you filling some kind of quota because we’re at the end of the month?

    • I thought the post was pretty good, but this comment is what made me laugh out loud.

    • LOL. Might explain why Coyne doesn’t blog for days at a time then suddenly rattles off 12 posts in 3 hours

  2. Peter Mackay

    • Stockwell Day’s coffee cup and no suit jacket.

  3. Ignatieff.

    • That’s rather uncalled for BC.

      Today we heard the death knell announcing the Coalition’s demise. The Coalition, despite being the top news story of 2008 according to Paul Wells and Co, was an ill-conceived endeavour. It was directly attributable to Stephane Dion’s utter and total lack of political judgment.

      Michael Ignatieff demonstrated today that the Liberal Party is back under adult supervision. He showed himself a statesman today in this time of economic upheaval.

      This conservative salutes Mr. Ignatieff for restoring some dignity to the Liberal Party of Canada.

      • Ah yes, the coalition, so ill concieved, that it had a major newspaper who had just recently endorsed Harper in the last election, call on him to resign.

        the USS Harper took on plenty of water. Dion the kamikaze.

      • We heard different death knells.

        I heard the bell toll for Michael Ignatieff’s political credibility, an echo of last November’s dying note of such ‘adult supervision’ as ever presided over the collection of Harris-era incompetents who crouch about the knees of Stephen Harper.

        By the way, what’s dignified and statesmanlike about abandoning in the midst of their crisis the “most vulnerable” you claimed to care about, just to play for more time in a political game in which so little is at stake?

        After all, what do Harper’s Conservatives now stand for except holding on to power so Liberals can’t have it?

        And what do Ignatieff’s Liberals now stand for, except hoping to win back power so Conservatives can’t have it?

        Dignity? Statesman? Adult?

        I’d look up the words before posting again.

        • How exactly did Ignatieff abandon the “most vulnerable”? The only thing I can think of is that he didn’t press for the EI eligibility changes, but that seems relatively minor.

          • “Seems relatively minor” to whom?

            The ineligible unemployed or soon-to-be-unemployed who’ve paid into the system?

  4. Elections promises? I thought that was his “On Notice” board. Senate of Canada is now, of course, dead to him.

  5. The head of Alfredo Garcia …….. sorry, make that Jack Layton. Just doesn’t sound the same, does it .

  6. The right wing of Ignatieff’s watchful hawk, plucked and used to feather Harper’s cap.

  7. Why does he need a prop? I figured he was looking for an interim prime ministerial residence for eventual ‘renovation’ of 24 Sussex.

  8. Its the combinations that are more interesting. The nail gun and …

    • thecat!

  9. His son’s junior DIY kit, and his lunch b

    • %&*#@ and his lunch bucket, of course!

      • I will chip in $5 dollars of stimulus spending to teach kc how to use a computer. Anyone else?

        • $5 ! Will that be tax credit or grant? Better yet, little brown envelopes – cash naturally!

          • What, kc stands for Brian now?

          • Yep! i’m raising funds for my up coming clash with that sleazy German crook. If he’d only slipped a little extra in there i wouldnt be in this fix now. what do you think of my chances of hitting up Coyne?

  10. A gravestone with the inscription:

    “Here lies the Liberal-NDP-Bloc Coalition

    Born December 1st, 2008 – Died January 28th, 2009


    • Nah, he’s more likely to carve , ” best wishes good King Steve “

  11. Any one of his Cabinet Ministers. John Baird, in a hard hat and shorts perhaps?

    • Congratulations! While you seem to be off on the shorts (and I dunno about the hardhat yet), it was in fact John Baird!

  12. A leash around his neck?

    • Yeah, and Michael looking over his shoulder, accounting for every nail he fails to drive! ” Tsk, tsk Stephen, that’ll have to go on yr personal deficit lad!”

  13. Since the nail gun presented a bit of a technological challenge last time.
    Maybe – a sledge-hammer and Stockwell to hold the nail.

  14. Spoon!

    • Too complicated. Straw.

  15. Given the earlier photo-op this week, my guess is his prop will be a Cabinet Minister. As mentioned above, Peter MacKay is someone who wouldn’t look too out of place at a construction site so he’s there. Maybe Lisa Raitt too, since she seems to get into all CPC photo opps.

  16. Stephane Dion’s severed head to hand on the bedpost in a renovated bedroom.

  17. how about with his hands around the neck of a smarta** pundit

  18. Could be any of the following:

    1. – Another shot with his taxidermied cabinet

    2. – Steve, Rona and Lisa Raitt wearing in Snuggies

    3. – Steve sucking on a hookah with flavoured tobacco

    • … or the obvious one:

      4. – Steve reading a copy of The Audacity of Hope

      • What? Has he already read My Pet Goat?

  19. Hello – so many people here have ADD (attention deficit disorder) – the subjec to “photo-ops”.

  20. Has Steve operated a backhoe yet and taken a Timmy’s lunch break?

  21. The whole cabinet with name tags for the press and a white hat. [ for Steve only] Stockwell trying to carry the cat and Steve’s lecturing everyone on why the must not look into the nail gun if it misfires, and finally as a grand finale, stockwell nailing the cat. Ooh! And Steve’s not amused!

  22. Sorry I couldn’t choose “all of the above”, so here’s the sequence:

    1) Cat.

    2) nailgun.

    3) Snack.

    4) Precocious child

    5) Senator Mike Duffy.


    • Whoops. Deleted my extra comments in pointy brackets.

      Take 2:

      1) Cat.
      2) nailgun.
      3) Snack.
      *served to*
      4) Precocious child
      *who is in turn served to newly minted
      (and wholly unelected)*
      5) Senator Mike Duffy.
      *but not before making the
      sound of “Triple E”:*

      EEE EEE EEE EEE EEE EEE EEE EEE EEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Cello. Definitely cello. You can tell from the photo that despite all the challenges, he remains unbowed.

  24. I think at this point Jim Durrell counts as a prop.