A minivan-driving hockey dad from the suburbs


And also, apparently, the world’s eighth-highest paid national leader.

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A minivan-driving hockey dad from the suburbs

  1. You can buy a lot of sweaters with that amount of loot.

  2. Thanks for the link Aaron. The other links to the 10 people responsible for this crisis, and the 10 worst taxes et al. are often very funny. Nice to see the Brits retain their sense of the absurd.

  3. Well, based on this report from the economics editor for the left-leaning BBC, it would seem that he’s a bargain.

    • It’s the Liberals fault.

  4. I guess if you consider him and his personality to Sean Avery, it may be a bargain, but Harper is no Bloomberg.

  5. This is actually a reasonable salary. Mr Ignatieff, of course, would receive the same salary were his party to win the next election.

  6. Eigth? I’d say that’s about right. Especially given (a) the first two are grossly overpaid – over $2M for Singapore (#1) and over $500K for Hong Kong (#2)? and (b) the amount of all of the western leaders is surprisingly close and all of them are way underpaid. The President of the US should be making more than US$400K. The Prime Minister of Canada should be making about that much.

    If you want the best and the brightest running your whole country, you have to pay for it. Instead, you get… what we have.

    • Singapore has had the world’s highest GDP in spite of its small size. The global financial crisis is affecting them deeply, yet they seem flexible enough to “weather the storm”:


      So it seems to me that you are correct — you get what you pay for when it comes to political leaders (bearing in mind that compensation takes many and varied forms).

  7. By far the highest paid leaders are the crooks in the third world who help themselves to their country’s assets. Based on that standard, if we were to consider all 180 countries, the G8 leaders would probably be somewhere in the middle.

  8. These salaries must constitute pretty much entirely discretionary income, wouldn’t they? I mean, what would a world leader have to spend his money on? In the case of Canada, Harper’s housing is covered, as is his retirement (those gold-plated pensions), and his work-related travel. I know the PM job comes with a chef – is the food paid for as well?

  9. Eighth in the G20, yes. Eighth in the world? Needs further work to verify.

  10. I’m thinking we need severance packages/exit bonuses for government leaders that are competitive with the private sector, so that they will leave office quickly.

  11. The real money comes after they leave office when their “friends” start living up to their end of the deal.

  12. I say we pay our Prime Minister whatever the median family income is in Canada during his term. If it goes up, his salary goes up. If it goes down, likewise. Hows that for incentive to keep the economy strong?

  13. This doesn’t include dictators, right? I’m sure Kim Jong Il or Mugabe is pulling in more than some of these values.

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