A musical salute


When Jack Layton’s casket leaves Parliament Hill momentarily, the Peace Tower carillon will ring O Canada, Imagine (by John Lennon) and the Dominion March. The Dominion March was composed in 1898 by Phillip Layton, Mr. Layton’s grandfather. Phillip is noted in this piece by John Geddes and this entry from the Canadian Encyclopedia.


A musical salute

  1. ” …. Imagine (by John Lennon) …. ”

    hahahahahaha ….. of course it is! Baby boomer cliche?

    Layton is Hungry Ghost now, that’s why he wants to believe there is no heaven/hell.

    • Harper just sang it recently.

      • CBS News, June 2011:

        “John Lennon: Musician, advocate…closet Republican?

        The singer’s former assistant claims in a new documentary that Lennon was a Ronald Reagan fan and a conservative at the time of his death …. 

        “John, basically, made it very clear that if he were an American he would vote for Reagan because he was really sour on Jimmy Carter,” Seaman reportedly told filmmaker Seth Swirsky.”

        • Obviously you’ve never listened to the lyrics of Imagine.  LOL

          • I’m sure Lennon knew it would sell and that he would make a lot of money with it.  I’ve worked in the record business for many years, and for a promoter who would bring artists into town for two years.  Rock stars are the epitomy of capitalism and self-promotion. Classical musicians are exactly the opposite.  Yet, preconceived notions about elitism and classical music persist. 

          • It sold because people liked it….and at the time Lennon wrote it he was already a multi-millionaire…..however Lennon was not a Republican….which is Tony’s usual wrong-headedness on the news.


    Imagine if Jack Layton had voted with the Liberals in April of 2007 and we had brought our troops home from Afghanistan in February of 2009.  

    Imagine if Kenneth O’Quinn, Danny Fortin, Dennis Brown, Marc Diab, Scott Vernelli, Corry Haines, Tyler Crooks, Jack Bootheiller, Karine Blais, Michelle Mendes, Alexandre Peloquin, Marin Dube, Charles-Philippe Michaud, Nick Bulger, Marin Joannette, Patrice Audet, Sebastien Courcy, Christian Bobbitt, Mathieu Allard, Yannick Pepin, Jean-Francois Drouin, Patrick Lormand, Jonathan Couturier, Justin Boyes, Steven Marshall, Andrew Nuttall, Kirk Toylor, George Miok, Zachery McCormack, Garrett Chidley, John Faught, Paul Frank, Joshua Baker, Darren Fitzpatrick, Tyler Todd, Craig Blake, Kevin McKay, Geop Parker, Larry Rudd, Martin Goudreault, James MacNiel, Andrew Miller, Kristal Giesebrecht, Brian Collier, Brian Pinksen, Steve Martin, Yannick Scherrer, Karl Manning and Francis Roy were all alive today.Imagine if their Fathers and Mothers and Brothers and Sisters and Wives and Children still had a living son or daughter or husband or wife or father or mother if you can.I wonder if war monger Jack Layton even attended one of their funerals or even understood the role he directly played in their deaths?Has the whole of the country turned hypocrite?

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