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A North American cap-and-trade market (sort of)

A Conservative dream is nearly realized


The Harper government’s promise of a North American cap-and-trade market is now nearly sort of realized as California Governor Jerry Brown has formally approved linking California’s carbon market with Quebec.

Meanwhile, Erica Alini has a thorough guide to Alberta’s carbon levy.


A North American cap-and-trade market (sort of)

  1. Axis of Evil 2.0.

  2. Justin’s hidden agenda: is he going to tax carbon or not? I don’t think he’ll tell anytime soon.

    • That’s a hidden agenda!

      Meanwhile saying you’ll never put a price on carbon while allowing provinces to do so is great statesmanship? Or crappy gutterball populous politics?

    • The difference being, I suppose, that the Tories will pledge not to put a price on carbon. Then, they’ll just do it anyways to keep up with the Americans.

  3. SH upon hearing this news:

    Kicks the chair…’No no f’king no! I told those idiots while i was down there…a “North American” freaking cap and trade market…i just knew it was a bad idea to give the speech in English and French.!’

  4. Hey folks, “it’s a ‘job killing’ carbon tax”.