A note on the stakes


“Never will an election have posed to Canadians so starking choice.”

— S. Dion, in North Bay tonight


A note on the stakes

  1. “So starking”, or “so stark a”?

    I’m curious as to whether it got mangled by his accent or by his English skills.

  2. Mr. Wells – were you being starkastic there?

  3. I just hate starking choices, I almost always flub those.

  4. One thing is certain,

    the “anybody but Harper” vote to stop a Harper majority is a facade.

    From today on, folks will have to decide, not only if they don’t want Harper, but if they do want Dion.

  5. C’mon, folks, we wouldn’t have a country worth having if all we did was mock each other’s second language skills. This country is better than that.

    POLICY! Can we please oh pretty please have at it on POLICY??!??!

    Uh-oh, they’re coming for my con-bot badge…

  6. No, not really kody. I very specifically do not want Harper. I’d take McKay over Harper even. Or even May if that’s what it took.

  7. Who called the fun police?



  10. Has anyone picked up on the “will” part?

    He didn’t say “Never has an election.” He said “Never will an election…”

    Personally I think this is a great weight off my shoulders. I’m glad there will never be an election with such a starking choice again.

  11. Mike: “will have posed.” Please read the whole sentence, it’s not that long.

    If we must spend the evening dissecting grammar. Yeesh.

  12. Maybe he was speaking in local North Bay vernacular. What a chameleon.

  13. *I* wanted Joe Clark. Yes, that Joe Clark.


  14. I agree with madeyoulook, although I’ll add that I love the fact that I live in a two-language country. I only wish I spoke and understood the other one. I would love nothing more than doing like Justin T and speak three words, then switch.

    Sadly, I can’t even figure out a telephone number in French without taking the time to un, deux, trois . . .nobody recites a phone number that slow.

    I pick Joe Clark.

  15. Hey! Can we have a Joe Clark write-in ballot?

  16. Seriously? This has been a day with the Conservative “platform” launch and some pretty serious issues to discuss. Picking on someone’s language skills is pretty lame.

  17. That reminds me, here’s a real question regarding the Metric system.

    Does the Security & Prosperity Partnership (remember that? talk about a non-election issue!) mean that the US will adopt it in the name of simplifying trade?

  18. The note on the stake reads: “Oh look the polls are touching as they kiss”.

  19. I like to live in the alternate universe in which Frank McKenna won the Liberal leadership.

    Also, what if both parties replace their leaders, and we get McKenna in charge of the Libs and Lord in charge of the Cons? New Brunswick is Canada! Which is weird because it’s easily the boringest province of the ten.

  20. I know he doesn’t drink rum but that sounds like bay talk to me.

  21. “Which is weird because it’s easily the boringest province of the ten.”

    seems a perfect fit.

    i like manley vs prentice. no lose situation.

  22. You think it’s easy to make starking choices…?

  23. And just when I thought the “You think it’s easy…” jokes were about to stop being consistently and uniformly hilarious, Brammer comes in with that witty offering, and I find myself eating it up with a spoon. Cough.

  24. Starkin’-A right.

  25. I don’t think there has ever been an election where the leaders do not say there are huge fundamental differences between the front-runners. In fact, if I remember correctly, Paul Martin made it his campaign theme “mark my words, we are really, really, really, really, really, different”.

  26. “I remember correctly, Paul Martin made it his campaign theme “mark my words, we are really, really, really, really, really, different”.”

    You would be really, really different too if you noticed that every issue is very, very, very important.

  27. Honestly, I’m a horrible, devoted ideologue, but I’d switch my vote to the party whose leader just ONCE said “Eehh, you know, this election isn’t even close to being the most important in the history of the country. It’s like 17th. Middling importance.”

    That’s all I ask.

  28. Does anybody see the Tory trend reminiscent of the Peterson flame out in 1990 in Ontario?

  29. I could happily live with Manley vs Prentice. Either would be fine with me.

    Unfortunately our choice is Harper or Dion. The sociologist still has not convinced me he’s up to the job. Harper is beginning to leave doubts in my mind regarding his ability as a campaigner, but his record as PM is much better.

    Now that voters may actually believe we have a choice perhaps they will look at Dion with a more discerning eye. If they do, Harper wins.

  30. Mr. Wells,

    You have dropped below your usual standards with this comment. As a fan, I expect more from you. But the campaign trail can be exhausting and even the best people can slip up sometimes….

  31. Which is weird because it’s easily the boringest province of the ten.

    Have you ever been to Saskatchaplace?

  32. (Awakens, heart racing and sweating +++ from the paranoid conspiracy dream): I get it now, you clever evil Liberal plant, Paul.

    The population was not sufficiently outraged at the Tory “not a leader” hit and the puffin poop. The Libs are desperate for an exaggerated and unfair smear, à la distorted Chretien face. Play up the minor second-language tongue slip, in the hopes of attracting voting-public sympathy back to the natural governing party. It’s really pretty clever, until Con-bot 2008-MYL exposed your evil plans.

    What’s that, Paul? Well… do you think you really need a lawyer? Why would that be? If you simply plead out I’ll put in a good word for you with the Crown…

  33. “Have you ever been to Saskatchaplace?”

    SK isn’t boring at all. It’s full of the nicest starking people in the country. And there’s a lot happening in Regina and Saskatoon. Dude, get your boring provinces straight why dontcha.

  34. Dion for Star king!

  35. Stark(ing) choice indeed.

    Talking to my Liberal friends, they have to chose between NPD and Green. Stark indeed.

  36. Rona Ambrose and Julie Cuillard MUD-WRESTLING!!
    Theres a political contest I could get exited over! Oui?Non?

  37. “Have you ever been to Saskatchaplace?”

    Saskatchewan? Boring?! Are you kidding me?! I’m from Montreal and I live near Toronto but the best year of my life was in Saskatoon! Nobody knows a good time like Prairie boys (and girls)!

    By the way, can someone remind me how we got to the “boring provinces talk”? Sorry MYL I really do want to talk about policy too but I can’t let slags against my favourite province go unanswered!

  38. He’s right. This is a starking choice. You can vote Conservative and keep the country together or you can vote for one of the others and watch it go down the drain.

  39. I’ve long wondered what guidelines do journos follow when editing pols, and maybe others, words to make them sound coherent before they appear in print. Pols always sound fluent when they are quoted in msm but in real life they are far from it. It’s like the journos are quoting what the pol meant to say, not what was actually said.

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