A part of the culture


Bob Rae blames the Prime Minister for the robocalls.

Rae said the real blame for any election trickery rests with the political culture Harper has created in the party. “The prime minister has created a Nixonian culture,” Rae said. “This stuff doesn’t happen unless the boss lets it happen. He has allowed to seep into his party and into his organization a culture of attack and, frankly, a culture of deception and dirty tricks, where almost anything goes.”


A part of the culture

  1. He’s right.  They can’t help themselves any more.  They need the rush.

  2. Yes, Rae’s right. 

  3. Well, clearly this or these guys weren’t acting alone.

    I mean at 1 cent a call 28 ridings, perhaps a million calls, we are looking at some serious cash to pay for all of this.

    Where did the money come from? and what canadian in their right mind acting alone would shell out that kind of cash for the honour of going to prison?

    Rae is right. Something nasty is going on here and it comes from the top.

    • It probably came out of our pockets, like the money they defrauded us of to buy attack ads with.

  4. Mercutio ~ A plague o’ both your houses!

    Liberals are vestal virgins while everyone else is corrupt – why do all our pols seem to enjoy being smarmy pious cretins? It is easy for pols to malign one another but no one ever actually stops their own party from doing it.

    Warren Kinsella is the author of Kicking Ass in Canadian Politics, which sold as well as you might expect for a book released on September 11, 2001. Warren Kinsella is Canada’s own “Prince of Darkness.” From the moment he was recruited to help the Liberals in the campaign to unseat Kim Campbell in 1993, Kinsella became an enthusiastic advocate of tough, in-your-face politics …You’ll learn about push-polling, frugging, ratf**king, quick response, dirty tricks and oppo, and you’ll learn how to counter them all.

    Canadian Press ~ Dec 2006:

    Bob Rae was the target of anti-Semitic attacks during the Liberal leadership contest, motivated at least in part by the fact that his wife is Jewish. Sources close to Rae say that his wife, Arlene Perly Rae, was approached during last weekend’s convention by a delegate who didn’t realize she was the candidate’s wife. The delegate told her not to vote for Rae “because his wife is Jewish.” The incident might have been shrugged off if it had been an isolated event. But Rae team insiders contend it was part of a larger pattern of anti-Semitic smears on Rae, who finished third.

    • ‘But mom, he did it first!’

      When will this defense be retired? I thought the previous Liberal government was turfed from deficient moral standing. So why exactly should we be satisfied that this government is approximately as bad?

  5. Rae need not worry about an unfair advantage to the Conservatives as long as he continues to rely  on his Liberal friends at Election Canada and in the media.

    • You have no rebuttal so you perform the infamous Con drive-by swipe. Does the PMO War Room pay by the word, sentence, hour or day?

      • I wish the pmo war room would start paying for some innovation and creativity.  Ellen has only been around a week or so, and already is a partisan and predictably boring scold whose comments I skip.  So much for effective communications, Ellen.

        • She could be a robocaller. But it’s difficult to tell with many of the Conbots.

        • And she has the audacity to call us partisan. I’m just anti-authoritarian so I’ll fight anyone that has a fascist/Satsi mindset.

    •  The typical Con smear in reaction to criticism. Thanks for buttressing Rae’s point.

    • I could never be a Liberal.
      I made a statement in rebuttal, to the obviously Liberal-leaning writer, that Bob Rae need not worry as long as he has the help of the liberal-leaning media and Elections Canada.

      A group of Liberals decided that would be a good opportunity to accuse me of being a PMO war room employee, a conbot, or a tinfoil, or some other boring insult. One of them even insulted me and then said she doesn`t read my comments…don`t know how that works.

      The Liberals here seem to spend too much time drinking their own bath water,  too much time breathing each other`s smells. They all sound alike. It`s a pity really. I guess that`s why I hear more and more people say they could never be a Liberal.

      • What did you expect? Claiming Rae benefits from corruption is not a rebuttal, it’s an attempt at character assassination, made without any basis in reality. Did you think people would sagely nod their heads and let it slide by?

        Perhaps the reason you hear more and more people say they could never be a Liberal is because people who maintain an open mind are increasingly seeking to avoid you.

        • Do you really think those who comment Liberally on this site have an open mind?
          You would have to have a narrow mind to think that.

      • A bunch of ad hominems. This behaviour is disgusting and indefensible, so I see you don’t even try.

        • Your defence of me against the ad hominems that your fellow liberals directed towards me is appreciated.

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