A pipeline divides us


Christy Clark responds to Alison Redford.

“If Alberta doesn’t decide they want to sit down and engage, the project stops. It’s as simple as that,” Clark said in an interview Tuesday. “So the ball is in Alberta’s court today to decide whether or not they want to sit down.”

…  “I think it’s a little unreasonable to suggest that I’m trying to destroy confederation. I’m only trying to get B.C.’s fair share out of this project and make sure we’re protecting our environment. It’s as simple as that,” she said. “It doesn’t have to be some massive project to reopen the constitution for heaven’s sake. That’s just silly,” she added.


A pipeline divides us

  1. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone run so hard to get in front of a parade.

    • True, and it’s all pointless and futile anyway — she and her party are roadkill come the next BC provincial election. It’s embarrassing and painful to watch her, it’s like watching a dog die.

      • I don’t follow B.C. politics too closely, but is it safe for me to assume that the party that’s most likely to defeat Clark in the next election actually likes the idea of the pipeline even LESS?

        It seems to me that if I were trying to get the pipeline built I’d actually be trying to cut a deal with the Premier who wants a bribe in exchange for letting it go through before she gets replaced by the party that doesn’t want to let it go through under any circumstances.

        • Particularly interesting when it can be framed that while we’ve known Alberta didn’t care about the environmental issues, we now see it really is all about money. Every last cent of it. (I.e., not jobs for the population(s) or anything.)

        • Answer to your point #1 is definitely, emphatically yes.
          But on your second point, I think it’s futile anyway. Adrian Dix, the NDP and their fellow-travellers are so intractably hostile to Gateway that no matter what deal Clark made with Alberta, the new BC NDP government would tear it up.
          I suppose Clark could inflict some marginal political damage on Dix by signing a deal that had BC getting billions of $ from Alberta and then having Dix tear it up, but that’s getting awfully speculative. Christy Clark is toast — it’s like watching Kim Campbell in 1993. Painful.

          • Some of the economic benefits that Enbridge prepared in their NEB application were based upon assumptions that were questionable IMO, let’s just say (without getting into the details), presumably to goose up the net value of the pipeline being built. And add to its urgency/support.

            So, it’s a bit humorous to see those same inflated numbers being used by BC against AB to try to get a bigger piece of the bigger pie.

        • You would think so. Redford and Clark had a secret meeting last week – either it didn’t go well or we’re being served up some Kabuki theater.

  2. NDP winning BC won’t be any improvement for Alberta.

  3. There is no logic in Christy’s comments. Seems like some desperate move to change the polls by alienating her conservative base. It’s just weird because no one opposed to Gateway believes her and if you want your base to vote tell them I am in favour if I get money from the Feds. Isn’t this the whole HST thing redux?

  4. I think Christy Clark has a problem understanding how the procedure operates between provinces and the territories. I think the NDP party will defeat her if she makes more bad statements. The NDP party is not concerned about people improving their living conditions. Many people in BC as well as in the rest of Canada could benefit from employment and support their issues. The NDP is only concerned to get power. They would drive Canada’s economy into a downward spiral!!! The population needs progress and a future with vision and positive traction.

    • The NDP will defeat her no matter what statements she makes. Unless the sun goes supernova sometime between now and the next BC provincial election, Adrian Dix will be the next premier of BC.
      And I say that as someone who will not be voting NDP.