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Under the subject line “Election — CPC convention scuppered,” this email landed in the Inkless inbox tonight:

“They canned last year’s [planned Conservative Party convention — pw] and i cannot help but think the decision to call an election now may, in some small way, motivated by the notorious control freak’s desire to avoid a party gathering with the full policy platform to be fleshed out in public, and all the embarrasing possible permutations that could erupt therefrom.  Because things like so-con attempts to hijack the agenda would be to a large extent out of his control and gleefully reported by the Star and Globe.”

Just thought I’d throw that into the mix. Stephen Harper’s election call has driven a lot of speculation, but I haven’t read this theory before. I agree with the writer that it would only play “in some small way,” if it did, but it’s a fun theory.


A reader writes

  1. Geez Wells, is there any way you can either a) create a post that does not “give it to the Conservatives” or b) just shut the f%*k up! You used to at least be able to fake balanced comment…..you seem to be having a hard time doing that lately.

  2. Funny how the press loves to parrot the Liberal conspiracy theories for calling an election,

    but don’t really like to talk about the most obvious one: Dion’s signature issue which he floated over the summer dropped like a lead balloon, and now Harper’s calling him on it.

    This one must be hard for the press. They’d be able to point to Harper being a political opportunist, but the opportunity focuses on an obvious Dion weakness, rather than a nefarious (albeit completely speculative and evidence free) Conservative cover-up.

  3. I admit I never tied it specifically to an election either, but I concur with the unnamed reader’s suggestion and Well’s perspective. Putting the rank and file near microphones is something the Prime Minister would probably like to avoid.

  4. Geez Wells:-

    What need have I for that?
    What need have I for this?
    I am dancing at the feet of my Lord.
    All is bliss. All is bliss.

    -Sri Chinmoy as quoted by John McLaughlin.

  5. b) just shut the f%*k up! A tad crass, but modestly entertaining.

    As for the post..I think Harper would relish an opportunity to display a middle-of-the-road Conservative party at a convention. To date, the CPC has been abnormally able to stay on message. When is the last time a Con MP said something untoward? vs. when’s the last time a Lib MP did?

  6. Potential contributing factor (IF indeed there is an election call — the crow-surprise TV dinner is not yet doen in my oven). Note that all party leaders probably have a desire to keep the most ardent of party faithful away from the microphones, so close to an election, in order to sand over the roughest of edges.

  7. Now that delegate fees are considered political donations, what are the odds that the convention has to get pushed into the new year anyhow now that a number of people who were spending several hundred on a delegate fee now wish to donate a few loonies to the campaign efforts?

    Would this be a factor at all?

  8. In support of Kody’s point, one could look at Dion today all of sudden deciding to alter The Green Shift to respond to criticisms of it. “It’s a work in progress” Liberal MP’s plead.

    The Conservatives have caught the Liberals in a political faux pas and have acted. The other thing is that the Liberals have not even tried to show how this is all supposed to reduce greenhouse emissions or whether it will have any effect. Politically, The Green Shift is dead in the water, and unless the Liberals can somehow distance themselves from it, they will sink along with it. The Conservatives and the NDP stand to benefit.

  9. Well, if Harper doesn’t form government again, he didn’t want to have only a month to elect delegates that get to vote on his future.

    Sucky for any challengers from Ontario really, a leadership review might be much more crazy if it was in Ottawa or the GTA.

  10. what are the odds that the convention has to get pushed into the new year anyhow now that a number of people who were spending several hundred on a delegate fee now wish to donate a few loonies to the campaign efforts


  11. Wow, yet another dumb party-financing rule, limiting what interested people may contribute to insanely low levels, and forking over taxpayer dough at insanely high levels.

  12. I wonder if this is precisely the wrong time to go to the polls on the Green Shift, from Harper’s POV.

    Earlier, the sheer rawness of Dion’s proposed changes might have scared people; now, one way or another, they’ve been around long enough for the strangeness to wear off.

    Later, it would be yesterday’s radical plan, and nothing takes the edge off “change” than its hanging around in the air a bit.

    Ditto for the environmental issue as a whole. Once voters come to terms with the fact that the planet is dying, they will be less inclined to bother saving it.

    Which is to say, in the fantasy world in which I am PM, I am hoping for another year of queasy minority government.

  13. I don’t know about you guys, but I tend to agree with boatthisstev’s enticing theory. At first I didn’t buy the cliche “car stone watch red” argument, but then I read that “jhon you usa busy” and I my skepticism melted away…

  14. Too green.

  15. To The Count:

    Best laugh I’ve had all day. Thanks!


  16. Pretty ridiculous assertion. The CPC policy document was hammered out by thousands of members, many of which fall into the “So-Con” camp, back in 2005 and the reality to anyone who actually reads it is that it is quite moderate.

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