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A sad day for fans of Michael Ignatieff caricatures


As of April 1, MPs will have to restrict their junk mail to their own constituents.


A sad day for fans of Michael Ignatieff caricatures

  1. How do we know it isn't some April Fool's prank?

    • Considering that Harper's party has already said they consider the motion non-binding, it may well be.

      • Harper's party seems to be consistent in considering acts of Parliament non-binding on them.

    • You can tell the difference from a normal day and April Fools Day on the Hill? Impressive my green friend.

      • On Parliament Hill it's easy: March Fools days are in March. April Fools days occur in April. May Fools days are in May. Remember there are 30 fools days in September, April, June and November. 28 or 29 in February, depending on prorogation and leap year status.

  2. Too bad. Used as it was intended, the concept was pretty good.
    But once the Cons came to power and started abusing it like they did, it had to be scrapped altogether.

  3. Yes, how dare anyone mock Mr. Wherry's favourite and beloved leader?

    • Now that is funny – the artist got the phony grin down perfect!

  4. One more long-standing parliamentary tradition intended to provide accountability and transparency that the Harper party has managed to mangle.

  5. And it only took four years to end a practice most Canadians would have agreed isn't in the public's interest nor fiscally defensible.

    I hope the Conservatives have kept a good archive of all their "poop-o-grams". It'll make a wonderful art project some day.

  6. In the Canadian War Museum, there is an exhibit on Canadian wartime propaganda. It's very interesting to see, and gives much insight into how messages were portrayed in that era.

    Perhaps 50 years from now, there might be an exhibit in the Museum of Civilization that shows all these ten-percenters, from all parties. One can only wonder what people will think of these "informative" flyers then.