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A second package


Ottawa police have apparently discovered a second suspicious package at the Canada Post sorting facility in Ottawa. The Ottawa Citizen’s Meghan Hurley is reporting that package contained a hand.


A second package

  1. Pierre Poutine sleeps with the fishes!

    Not for nothing, but don’t open boxes at work tomorrow because there are much more gruesome body parts to receive than have been sent so far.

    • Dude you were supposed to use internal conbot mail for that message, not your public truthiness account! :)

      • hahaha, that made me laugh, nice one.

        This is srsly freaky because it sounds like fresh body parts are arriving in the mail, not some old dusty cadaver in a science class that’s finished putrefaction.

        • I know, when I heard the package was delivered by Canada Post, I thought — well that could have been mailed during the Mulroney era.

  2. Warning: Major speculation ahead – Could this in some way be related to the West Block renovation? There’s already been allegations of a mob connection with the company that won that contract (as published in the Star).