‘A slow process’


The Canadian general overseeing NATO’s operations in Libya quibbles with the suggestion that the conflict has reached a stalemate.

“I disagree with the term stalemate,” Lt.-Gen. Charles Bouchard told Postmedia News on a busy day Friday as NATO dealt with conflicting reports about the possible death of Gadhafi’s son and fended off criticism from Italy on the handling of fleeing migrants … “How do we define stalemate? If we judge it against perhaps the operation in Iraq one would say, ‘Well, it’s certainly not as fast,’ but from my perspective, and I know that of (NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen), is that this is not a stalemate but rather a slow process.”


‘A slow process’

  1. When they start arguing semantics…

  2. It’s a stalemate until someone decides to change the rules.

  3. OK, Aaron. And what do you have to say about this agreeable/atrocious observation on the part of the general?

  4. Iraq was an invasion and a regime change.  Libya is neither.  Why is he comparing this to the Iraq war?

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