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A strongly worded letter from Stephane Dion


Stephane Dion, who has some experience with the written argument, sends a letter to Tim Uppal, the minister of state for democratic reform, about the government’s senate reform legislation.

However, two days ago, you made a statement that was completely inaccurate. You claimed that the opposition had been endeavouring to block Bill C-7: “I have asked that they stop stalling it and let it come to a vote”, you told The Guardian in Charlottetown on July 30, 2012. In fact, it is the government that has chosen to move other priorities ahead of the debate at the second reading of Bill C-7. Had you decided otherwise, this proposed legislation would already be debated in committee.

To be more precise, the government tabled the proposed legislation in the House on June 21, 2011, and brought it to second reading for debate on September 30, October 3, November 14 and December 7 and 8, 2011, as well as on February 27, 2012. On those occasions the opposition participated in the debate on C-7 without obstructing it in any way. You cannot prove otherwise.

My concern is that you have fabricated this false version of the facts so that you can justify in advance shutting down debate in order to impede the committee’s deliberations. You know full well that the vast majority of experts would come to express the same objections as the Liberal opposition.

Of course, in addition to this matter of alleged obstruction, Mr. Dion also has some substantive issues with the legislation in question.


A strongly worded letter from Stephane Dion

  1. Lying comes naturally to this government.

    • Whereas the Liberals have to outsource their lies to scumbags like Warren Kinsella.

      • Let’s see….Tim Uppal, Stephane Dion…nope, Warren Kinsella doesn’t appear to have anything to do with this post.

      • Stop the ‘they did it first’ routine. There is a reason why you folks hated the Liberals. The Liberals being awful does not excuse the CPC striving to out-awful them.

        • The CPC is hardly out-awfuling the LPC. The LPC was caught stealing from taxpayers to rig elections. Paul Martin was too busy hiding millions of dollars offshore to avoid paying taxes in Canada to govern the country. Jean Chretien was personally assaulting people who disagreed with his politics. Joe Volpe….

          All the fake scandals, feigned offences and shrill screams of horror from partisan hacks won’t change the fact that the present government is as clean as a whistle in comparison to the LPC.

          • So you’re on the record condoning a Minister of the Crown lying to Canadians about legislation?

          • Where did I condone anything? All I said was that the current government is a helluva lot less corrupt and dishonest than the previous Liberal governments were. That’s not condoning anything.

          • You brought up the Liberals.

      • At least their scumbug uses his own name. The CPC outsources their lying to anonymous scumbag cowards like yourself.

        • Right, because Warren wasn’t posting as “GritGirl” lying and pretending to be someone he wasn’t for years… no no no, he’s using his own name. Give me a break, loser.

  2. This is reminiscent of all of the Tory talk about their crime legislation being obstructed by a Liberal dominated Senate back in the day. The Tory spinners apparently simply hoped that no one would ever point out that said legislation HADN’T EVEN BEEN SENT TO THE SENATE YET. I suppose their idea was to promote the notion that the Senate is so evil and powerful that they’re somehow actually capable of delaying legislation that isn’t even before them.