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A study in voter suppression


As part of its challenge to the election results in seven ridings, the Council of Canadians asked Ekos to study the experiences of individuals in those ridings. Ekos surveyed respondents in the seven ridings and then compared those responses to a survey of Canadians residing elsewhere. The full report from Ekos is here.

This study has presented evidence which strongly suggests that in the subject ridings there was a targeted program of voter suppression in place. It was reported to be administered to tens of thousands of electors based on these samples … If these responses were the constructions of disgruntled non-Conservative voters, one cannot explain why the targeting effects were not present in the comparison group.

Exposure to these calls clearly had a dampening effect on the propensity of non-Conservative supporters to vote. Using different methods, we would estimate the effect in the range of 1.2 per cent to 1.8 per cent.


A study in voter suppression

  1. Hmmm. Anti-Conservative front group hires anti-Conservative pollster to produce anti-Conservative result, reported by anti-Conservative blogger.

    I’m shocked at the outcome. Shocked I tell you.

    • And you expect the Conservatives will hire pollsters and report on fraudulent calls their party may have made?

      • They could have hired a neutral pollster. Nanos, for instance.

    • Have anything other than smear to challenge the results with? Or is FUD your only argument?

      • Where did I smear anyone? Do you deny that the Council for Canadians, Frank Graves, and Aaron Wherry are anything other than how I’ve described them???

        Unless you’re suggesting that calling someone “anti-Conservative” is a smear…in which case that would make you a Conservative???

        • Please. Don’t compound it with lying, pretty damned obvious to anybody here that you were simply attempting to poison the well on the data they’ve obtained.

          • Do you understand what this word “lying” means? What have I said that is untrue? What is “lying” about calling into question the partisan motives of the parties involved here?

            Here’s a tip…partisan hackery is not restricted to Conservatives. The Council of Canadians are not a neutral party. They have a vested interest in making this look as bad as possible.

            If Sun News were to report on a poll from Abacus Data commissioned by the National Citizens Coalition showing that voter suppression had no appreciable impact on the election, would you accept it at face value? Or would you point out the obvious political affiliations of the parties involved in “clearing” the Conservatives?

          • No, the lying was you attempting to justify your comment as not a poisoning the well attack.

            Would I accept it at face value? No.. but the difference is that it’d prompt me to look at the questions and find particular problems with them if I could which is what I’d then bring back here.  I wouldn’t just smear the whole exercise based *solely* on who it was that did it.

          • This poll is part of the evidence they’re assembling to assist parties wanting to challenge the last election results.  If presented,  it will be scrutinized by the courts, and the Cons will be able to dispute it then.  Dismissing it as merely partisan isn’t going to cut it in that venue.

    • Well, the Conservatives are free to hire their own pollsters… but as they already know the likely outcome, and such outcome might be discoverable, that would be a little self-defeating…

      • They’ll lose the results!

        • Or just make them up. It’s more cost effective, after all. 

    • Just as I’m shocked that you would forgive the Conservatives for these crimes.  Your team, right or wrong.

      • You obviously haven’t spent enough time hanging off my every word.

        My comment history can be found under my avatar. Go back through my last few comments and find how many defend this government vs how many criticize/attack/make fun of it. You might surprise yourself.

      •  He was doing so well yesterday being mad at Bev Oda.

        Coulda been a different guy, I guess.

        • No.. john g is pretty much an equal opportunity hater, I’ll grant him that. Other than his whole “the MSM is left-wing biased” mantra, pretty reasonable.

    • Conservatives should refute the results rather than play the partisan card -if there’s no truth to their assertions, that is.  They continue to not get that they need to defend themselves, not attack others. 

    • The unfortunate result of breaking the law is that all kinds of people – even the people you don’t like – are free to comment on your criminality. Perhaps to forestall future criticisms from  hostile critics, the CPC should consider actually following the laws of the land. 

      Just a thought. 

    • They probably wrote up the results before they did the polling.

  2. Srsly?  Satire doesn’t have a chance in Canada when we have elites and reality to wrestle with.

    Without using the words ‘astrology’, ‘telepathy’, ‘dog whistle’, or ‘subconscious’ how do left wing people explain Harper Cons ability to control how people vote?

    • Talk to the advertising industry if you want the basics, Tony.

      • We know you’re easy to fool, but you’re only one vote.

    • I think the words being used are “voter suppression.”

      • Thwim/Patchouli ~

        All left wing voters have to do then is ask Con voters how they successfully avoid mind control waves sent out from NDP and Libs war rooms. 

        • It’s the tinfoil hats, Tony. Work a treat.

        • Well, judging from the results we’re talking about here.. perhaps it’s because the NDP/Lib’s simply didn’t try to suppress the vote.

  3. Fraudulent elections are the norm in North America.  I mean, if the candidates themselves are merely actors, then the whole charade is, well, a production of sorts, isn’t it?  we should be ever vigilant now, especially in Canada.

    Xdisciple: Al Gore is a Character played by Bruce Willis

    Xdisciple: Nazi Infiltrators, Greenberg, Strong and Harold Camping

  4. Are they going to give the numbers of the people who answered yes to Elections Canada so that they can contact them to ask for permission to seek the incoming phone records for the appropriate period?