A vision for dessert


Michael Ignatieff is interviewed in the latest edition of More—”Canada’s magazine celebrating women over 40″—and there he clarifies his oft-debated position on peach pie.

Q: In your journey across Canada with Zsuzsanna, you were reading family history and visiting important sites, but you were also looking for the best pie in Canada…

A: That was a very serious quest! Off the major highways you often find fresh, homemade pie at gas stations. So we decided to make it a competition. The pies got better and better; our standards got higher. We found the winner in a Ukrainian family restaurant in the Thompson Valley in B.C. Straight-up peach pie—fresh peaches, no a la mode, the pastry thin and not too sweet.

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A vision for dessert

  1. Well that is just blatant pandering to the Ukrainian community. It won’t work, you Cossack!

  2. You’re saying that BC doesn’t have the best pies? That’s out and out Western-Canada bashing, and I won’t have it! You’re a danger to national unity. The west wants in! And our pie too.

  3. Did Iggy pass through St Jacobs while conducting his competition? I live near Mennonite and Amish country in southern ontario and they have the best baked goods I have ever tasted. I am not a fan of peach pie but I go regularly to market to buy a strawberry/rhubarb pie that is simply ambrosia.

    Tho I do agree with Iggy’s preference of no ice cream, thin crust and not too sweet.

    • Mennonite stuff rules!

    • Sssh! Mennonite baking is supposed to be a secret. You’ll ruin it for everyone if you spread the word.

  4. … and if Ignatieff gives a fluff interview in a fluff magzine, it is not like some commentators are so partisan obsessed that they will not fail to personally insult him and everything else that they can think of… If I read that Stephen Harper likes ice cream with chocolate sauce while watching Project Runway, I do not use that as a basis for attack, I think – oh how interesting.

  5. You say Michael Ignatieff flew an Avro Arrow across Canada to cure cancer? Well, if it were a story about that scheming, mendacious Harper, a fact check would only be prudent, but when it’s about the decent and honourable work of a decent and honourable man, your insinuation is quite beyond the pale, sir.
    Moderator, please have this person removed from the premises immediately.

  6. Me thinks there will be an opportunity coming up in not too long where the Igster will be having a chance to try the canadian classic pie that is without doubt the best of them all and one that every political leader has to eventually gorge themselves on and no doubt about it = Humble Pie!

    • Bravo! Every once in a while, even a non-patisan who grows weary at the very sight of knee jerk slavering and/or crucifiction of one’s heros and/or enemies has to appreciate a good line. That one was just right: no ice cream and a thin, not too sweet crust.

  7. This really should not be dismissed as fluff.

    I think there is some solid material here for another quality Conservative website or attack ad: “Michael Ignatieff – prefers sour fruit-based and fluffy and unhealthy food substances. Stephen Harper however is like a fruit: sweet and colourful“.

    You have to see the coded meta-message in these seemingly innocuous public relations fronts.

    Next sunny Friday afternoon: Ignatieff and Harper face-off over which boxed cereal they would be. Watch and be amazed at how quickly the Conservative supporting commenters take it waaaay too seriously.

    • I think there is some solid material here for another quality Conservative website or attack ad

      If ever there was a man that loves pie, it’s Stephen Harper.

      • He’s a peach, alright.

  8. Iggy’s instincts appear to be good in this case. The Ukranian family restaurant (as opposed to all those Ukranian franchises) was an inspired choice.

  9. More important: Where can you get the best peach pie in Ottawa? Other places? Because we can’t all go on cross-country trips for our dessert….

  10. Shoot, I wanted to be the first one who said, “Gee I wonder when Wayne or some other hack needs to put political spin on this.”

    But he did it all by himself. Nice job!

    • Wayne’s Song

      Come on everybody clap your hands
      Now you’re looking good
      I’m gonna sing my song and it won’t take long
      We gotta do the spin and it goes like this

      Come on let’s spin again like we did last autumn
      Yea, let’s spin again like we did last year
      Do you remember when things were really hummin’
      Yea, let’s spin again, spinnin’ time is here

      Yeah round ‘n around ‘n round ‘n around we go again
      Oh Wayne please let me know you can rotate and then
      Come on let’s spin again like we did last autumn
      Yea, let’s spin again, spinnin’ time is here

      — Hat tip to Chubby Checker

    • I actually think this is a part of the Conservative grand strategy. Every thing that anybody says has to be derided/spun/attacked. it doesn’t matter if it is Ignatieff talking about pie or Harper adopting a course of action that got Layton dubbed Talban Jack. Therefore all normal non-political-obsessed Canadians get more and more sickened by politics and stop voting, leaving the elections to just the true supporters.

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