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A year later


The Broadbent Institute has launched a memorial campaign at DearJack.ca, which Sarah Layton introduces in an op-ed for the Star.

Since then, many people have told me how my dad’s message has moved them to action in their own lives. That’s the best tribute anyone could ever pay him. I know how much he’d love to see those personal stories shared. And I’d like to invite you to do just that — between now and Aug. 22, the anniversary of his death.

If my dad’s message has moved you, write him back. Let others know how you’re renewing your own love, hope and optimism in this country of ours. You can do that by visitinghttp://dearjack.ca. Created by the Broadbent Institute, this is an online space where you can express yourself in whatever way feels right — in text or in images. I’ll be visiting the website and I’d be honoured if you’d join me.


A year later

  1. Sorry, just going to say it….the policization of his name and legacy is cheap poltics at its lowest. Not saying that Jack didn’t achieve great things that deserve to be memorialized…..but this smacks of opportunism at its worst.

    • Yes it does and hopefully won’t be repeated.

      • Does anyone remember when he read one of Obama’s speeches verbatim, claimed it as his own work, and then denied having done so even though both speeches were filmed and publically available?

  2. So he dies of cancer and everyone forgets that 98% of his career was spent pedalling snake oil?

  3. Does anyone remember when he got caught on the receiving end of an ‘old-fashioned’ in that asian massage parlour?

  4. What about when him and Chow lived in subsidized housing on the tax-payers dime when he was a councillor?