‘Abortions by another name’


Following Brad Trost, Conservative backbencher Maurice Vellacott laments the government’s decision to partner with Planned Parenthood.

“Even in those countries where abortion is technically illegal, it’s naïve to think that Canadian tax dollars are not being used to promote abortion. One of IPPF’s main publicly stated goals is to aggressively dismantle abortion laws in each country around the globe and have abortion recognized as a universal human right.

“Under the guise of ‘education’ Canadian taxpayer dollars will be used to advance IPPF’s unfounded claims that abortion is necessary to prevent maternal deaths, when in fact abortion does great harm to women.”

Conservative MP Leon Benoit has tabled a private member’s bill that pursues Planned Parenthood from a different angle.


‘Abortions by another name’

  1. Well either Harper failed to step on Trost quickly enough to stop this rebellion-in-the-ranks or he wants a major distraction right now…..probably from the economy.

    Or maybe from the other current brush fires….hankey pankey with spies,  extravagant use of govt airplanes,  meddling in provincial elections, defeats in court….etc

  2. Maurice Vellacott is correct, money is fungible. Support IPPF financially and you support infanticide no matter what specious justifications come from Oda/Harper. 

    It is bad enough Canada murders its own babies, now white middle class Canadians demand we murder black and brown babies in third world countries. I am not at all surprised Benoit is bringing up eugenics when it comes to Planned Parenthood.

    Black Christian News ~ Sept 2010:

    Central to Heroic Media’s campaign, is the allegation that Planned Parenthood has placed around 70 percent of its abortion clinics in areas that can be designated as “minority neighborhoods.” A 2005 report by the Cybercast News Service claimed that out of 160 known abortion facilities run by the organization, 100 were located in communities with a higher black population than the state as a whole.

    Although the ad campaign does not accuse any current leaders or staff at Planned Parenthood of being motivated by racism, it does note that abortion has reduced the black population by over 25 percent since 1973, making it responsible for more deaths than violent crime, accidents and disease.

  3. I guess when Harper said, “I have no intention of opening up those (abortion and gay marriage) issues” he meant that he, himself, personally, would not reopen them.  As for members of the caucus, well, let them have at ‘er.

    Which, if we have been complaining about the controlling nature of Harper, is a good thing, I guess.

  4. I’m not sure how much headway IPP will make in a country like Afghanistan.

  5. Oh FFS. Again.

    • Give us a hint – the subject or the reportage?

      • I’m gonna go with the notion that he’s probably exasperated by the whole ball of wax.

      • Beyond the thing where I find strident pro-lifers tedious, I’d also like backbenchers to have the sense to know when to shut up.

        • Best tweet on this supposed outbreak of constituent representation – ‘The dullards have breached the fence.’

        • But AVR, these are your kind of people.

          • Mostly, the other parties aren’t my kind of people. There’s a difference.

  6. The government of Canada recognizes certains rights for Canadian women that it would not wish to recognize for women in other countries. 

    • It’s a very odd foreign policy isn’t it? 

  7. “when in fact my own messed-up mind abortion does great harm to women.””

    There, fixed that for you.

    • Why Are The World’s Women Disappearing?

      There are women missing, all over the world.  It’s because of what journalist Mara Hvistendahl calls “unnatural selection”: the tendency, in countries like China, India, and South Korea, for parents to perform sex-selective abortions in an attempt to have sons.  Gender imbalances in newborn children is not confined to eastern Asia, however; it’s also prevalent in western Asia and eastern Europe, and even in some parts of North America.  The questions that Hvistendahl asks are important: what does this mean for the world, and why are so few people bothering to ask?


      • That’s an argument against coersive abortion and sex selection.

        Abortions requested by women whose agency over their sexuality and reproductive capacity is acknowledged is an unqualified good.

        • Since when? Or is that science settled also? I didn’t get the memo.

  8. Shouldn’t the headline be “Harper Government Continues to Aid Foreign Baby Killers; Some Conservatives Not Down With That”?