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About those estimates

More confusion over the government’s spending


Yesterday, Tony Clement decided it was too early to make much of the main estimates. Scott Clark and Peter DeVries argue Mr. Clement’s previous pronouncement about those estimates should be disregarded.

The President of the Treasury Board tabled the Main Estimates for 2013-14 on February 26, 2013.  He claimed that “voted” expenditures were down $4.9 billion from that tabled for 2012-13 in February 2012.  Although his math is correct, the statement is extremely misleading…

Voted expenditures for 2013-14 are not directly comparable to those for 2012-13, as the former includes the impact of the various expenditure reductions announced in the March 2012 Budget.  The voted expenditures for 2012-13 were tabled before the March 2012 Budget and do not include any of the restraint reductions announced in the Budget.  The impact of these restraint measures on departmental spending was requested by the Parliamentary Budget Officer but refused by the Government.  No aggregate estimate of the March 2012 Budget expenditure restraint measures was provided in the Main Estimates for either 2012-13 or 2013-14 so that it is not possible to determine how much of the $4.9 billion decline was overstated. Given that the Estimates for these two years are not on the same basis, meaning that the statement that the 2013-14 voted expenditures are $4.9 billion lower than those tabled in 2012-13 is misleading.


About those estimates

  1. It must really rile any backbench CPC MPs who have any kind of competence that Tony Clement is front and centre in the Cabinet.

  2. Tony C misleading…nah, get away with yu.

    Listening to him address the house on just about any subject is like listening to that guy in Montreal who keeps on saying he can’t remember anything…especially the part about the mafia being an organization full of bad guys.

  3. Clement figures it doesn’t matter if the estimates are out-of-whack or not. If they spend more he’ll just go to the trunk of his car and get the cash, there’s some left over from the G20