About those taxes (V)


Michael Ignatieff scrums in Niagara Falls.

“No honest politician faced with an C$80 billion ($66 billion) deficit will take anything off the table because Canadians do not want — they’re allergic to — long-term structural deficits,” the Liberal Party leader told reporters in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

“But I will do anything I can, and any sensible politician will do anything they can, to avoid increasing the tax burden on Canadians, especially now, and hopefully later as well.”


About those taxes (V)

  1. Sounds reasonable. (I would say the same were it Harper in this position).

  2. Yes, Mike, it’s perfectly reasonable, as far as it goes. So why can’t he tease us with a whiff of what “anything I can” (to avoid tax hikes in future) look like?

    He would also win extra points if he were to add “with good reason” somewhere in his reference to Canadians’ contagious allergy to debt (yeah, he said long-term structural deficits, but d+d+d+d+d+d=D).

    • “The Government financed this financial requirement of $67.5 billion and increased its cash balances by $25.2 billion by increasing unmatured debt by $92.7 billion.” – Fiscal Monitor Jan 09

      I wouldn’t commit to a clean-up plan without seeing what Flaherty’s done with the plumbing either.

      fools rush in

  3. Unfortunately, Ignatieff doesn’t presently have the keys to the finance dept and all its pages and pages of numbers. Without knowing the numbers, where funds are exactly going and through what pipeline to their departments — like how many ministries are covering the 10percenters-focus groups-Ari Flescher expenses? — it’s pretty hard to get much detail on where costs may be reduced/reallocated. Not impossible, but let’s just say without the inside baseball stuff, you’re pretty much making it up as you go along. Ignatieff is still learning that game. Harper’s the pro — and he has the numbers and still has been given a passing grade by the MsM for ‘ethics’. Ha!

  4. I always enjoy seeing politicians twist and squirm when they’ve been caught telling the truth.

  5. Of course the Liberals will have to increase taxes- to cover up the mess the Conservatives made!

    History will just repeating itself… the 980s: Mulroney messes up Canada….the 1990s and early 2000 Jean Chretien makes it better and stronger … now…Harper and the Conservatives (NOT the Tories by the by) mess up Canada even more… and who will fix it?? Ignatieff and the Liberals.

    Just wait for it.

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