About those taxes


Canwest follows the Record report and gets clarification from Ignatieff’s office.

Michael O’Shaughnessy, Ignatieff’s press secretary, said later that the party has “no plan and no desire to raise taxes” in a recession.

O’Shaughnessy said the debt would only continue to grow under the Harper government’s most recent budget. “All we know now is that Mr. Harper and (Finance Minister Jim) Flaherty are leaving behind an $80-billion structural deficit with no plan to get us out.”


About those taxes

  1. Wow. I literally didn’t even get time to predict this.

    If this sort of thing becomes a habit it could be trouble. Whoops, too late.

    • Don’t count out Harper and the Tories yet.

      I remain confident that they may still be able to make Ignatieff look brilliant.

  2. Well, then, thanks for clearing ‘er up there, Mike O.

    The Tories have “no plan” to get us out of this structural deficit the Grits proudly forced out of the Tories with the coalition gun to their heads. Gotcha.

    So, what’s the Liberals’ plan? Raise taxes? Maybe eventually (Iggy), certainly not anytime soon (Mikey O). Right, then. So youz guys must be ready to slash spending all over the place? Fantastic! Spell out your plans! Maybe, while you’re at it, explain away your recent “get money out the door so fast as long as you tell us where it’s going and as long as you indulge us our quarterly tut-tuts in Parliament” shtick.

    But, where was I? Ah, yes, massive cuts in spending. That must be the plan, to contrast Harper’s “no plan.” Super-duper. Bring it on. Let’s hear it. You’ll get my vote. Not that you need it (any moron would win Liberal in my riding — not that the current incumbent is in any way such a moron), but still…

    Hey, where did all these crickets come from? Where did all the Harper-has-no-plan Liberals go? Off to the it’s-not-my-job-to-govern soirée, I guess. Oh well, have fun there, folks. But this Canadian is eager to hear how you will attack government bloat. Really. Seriously. I am woo-able. The Tories abandoned limited-government. That flag is yours for the waving. I’ll be waiting.

    …and waiting…

    …and waiting…

  3. “in a recession.” they will not raise taxes. Do we have another mother of all tax increases coming after the recession then. Is that the Liberal plan?

    • Ideally.
      Raise taxes when people can afford to pay them.
      Cut public services when people can afford to pay for them privately.
      Amass yourself a healthy warchest during the good times.

      That way, when times like these come, you’ve got something to fall back on.

      Seriously, this “No taxes EVAR!” mentality is just as wrong as the “Public Services Uber Alles!” mentality.

  4. Stephane Dion, said it best…

    “I want to appeal to the intelligence of the Canadian people that I know is the best way to win the support of the Canadian people.”

    • LOL

      You could just tell when Dion said that what a horrible plan it was.

      • M. Dion’s problem (among a few) was that he was honest with everybody on every subject except with himself about himself.

  5. Iggy is much more expansive when the cameras are out of sight and he thinks that nobody in the audience is recording what he says.

  6. Nope, you’re absolutely right. Let’s stick with the guy who won’t-go-into-deficit/won’t-tax-income-trusts/won’t-turn-Parliament-into-a-partisan-circus/won’t-raise-taxes-to-cover-cut-in-GST… Perhaps Ignatieff’s wild pitch is unsettling (tho he now has that reputation of being just a little ‘outside’) but it certainly will contrast to Harper’s ‘say one thing and do the exact opposite’ approach.

  7. What about that Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives study released today?

    Yeah, they are a progressive think tank — so please don’t come back with “the Fraser Institute says”.

    • That would be the study that says, basically, that most Canadian taxpayers don’t realize how good they have it when so much of the Canadian economy is managed by government? “Imagine how much it would cost if you had to pay out of pocket for all these services you currently enjoy.” Do you mean that one?

      Never have I heard a more blatant admission from the “progressive” thinkers that it’s great for a large chunk of the population to ride the gravy train supported by a small portion of the population. C’mon, Canada! Help yourselves to other people’s stuff!

      • Come back with this comment after you’ve had to pay the true cost of that coronary bypass you’re sure to need eventually.

        • That bypass of yours would be a medical service for which it is presently ILLEGAL to buy or sell health insurance to cover, right?

          Ah, freedom… Anyone remember freedom?

          • A very dear friend of mine — a commodities broker — emigrated to the USA for some of the freedom you crave. She suffered a stroke while there at the age of 40. Her insurance was insufficient to cover her expenses. She lost her entire life savings and still owes money.

            So, why don’t you emigrate there and get the freedom YOU crave, Mr. Smart Guy.

          • Honestly, I am fed up to my neck with the never-ending whinging that emanates from these oh-so-wise numskulls preaching their shining-city-on-the-hill Alice in Wonderland world view. Like they have ever had to actually work at or share anything. Always me,me,me — freedom, freedom.

          • So, why don’t you emigrate there and get the freedom YOU crave…

            Well, my dear archangel, the wealthier class of Canadians is already sheltering their wealth and-or themselves out-of-country. Keep up with your sense of entitlement to their stuff, and they will continue to take you up on your emigration offer. At some point, will you ever come to appreciate the hand that is feeding you? Actually, you know what, don’t bother answering that.

          • Loud applause for Archangel.

  8. Is there any political leader left in the country that actually believes baby boomers should, at some point, be subject to taxation at a level reasonably proportionate to the services they’ve received for fifty odd years? I’d rather raise taxes today, knowing my parents will shoulder at least some of the load, then spend a decade in denial, and then be left with the entire burden.

    • Ahem. Paid for every benefit and then some. Still paying for a bunch of immature whiners who think the world owes them something because they’re so put-upon. Grow up you sniveling excuse for an adult.

      • Ahem. Paid for every benefit and then some.

        That’s odd. There are SEVERAL HUNDRED BILLION examples that refute your gratuitous-insult-riddled retort.

        • Proof. I’m looking at you and I sense a pantywaist. Your head seems full of poo, poobah.

          • Anyone else interested in a serious conversation about his topic will find a willing partner. For now, this pathetic bleater joins a small list of commenters I will ignore.

      • Enjoy your CPP, arsewipe. Be sure to send postcards.

        • You have the temerity to insult an entire generation of people that paid their dues and actually helped this country grow and prosper, and you really expect it to be ignored. When YOU have paid your YOUR dues you might have the right to bloviate about what others should do. In the meantime keep your self-centered windbaggery to yourself you twerp.

          • To be honest, that generation didn’t pay their dues. If they had, we wouldn’t be in debt.

            The only generation that can say they paid their dues is the generation that has been seeing their highest taxation levels under this era of no deficits.

    • Richard, presumably your parents fed you, changed your diapers, educated you…cut them some slack in their dotage!

  9. Let’s contrast this to Harper’s ideas for getting us out of the structural deficit that David Dodge, Kevin Page and others have talked about:


    • Sorry, CON-trollers too busy rubbing hands with glee and printing off ‘Taxed To Death’ handbills for the weekend rally… Don’t bother asking them or their party for a clue as to their ‘plan’ to survive another Tough Tory Time…

  10. Yawn. Ignatieff says….. wake me up when Ignatieff does.

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