Add five more to the list -

Add five more to the list


New reports of suspicious polling-station calls in West Nova, Saint Boniface, Saint John, Fredericton and Calgary Centre.

Added to these and these and these, that makes 35 ridings with such reports.


Add five more to the list

  1. Oh look, pandas.

  2. Remember, all reports indicating CPC wrongdoing are highly suspect and probably not true, while all reports indicating the CPC has done nothing wrong are highly credible.

    • That’s why they’re Canada’s Panda Coalition.

    • Wat a sec… Poutine; Putin! The Russians were using our election as practice!! Of course!

      I’m sure Poilevre will suggest that Elections Canada and the RCMP begin looking into this obvious connection any day now…

      • That’s tomorrows story. They’re still attempting to determine if Vellacott’s explanation is going to get traction today.

  3. Lee Richardson won Calgary Centre by 40 points for the Tories. THAT’S HOW BIG THIS SCANDAL IS.