Add Kitchener Centre to the list -

Add Kitchener Centre to the list


The Record finds a report of fraudulent calls in Kitchener Centre.

Stephen Thoms worked as a deputy returns officer on Election Day in Kitchener Centre, which was considered a crucial riding for the Conservatives to hold to achieve their majority.

Thoms said he had between 15 and 20 citizens approach him on May 2 to ask whether they were at the right polling station, saying they’d been called and told their polling stations had changed. He reported it to his supervisor, who said he’d already heard that a lot.

And that riding to this and these on the list of those who received fake calls claiming to report different polling stations.

The number of ridings now alleged to have received questionable phone calls of one kind or another during the 2011 campaign continues to grow. The CBC puts the total at 34. The Sixth Estate lists 42. Meanwhile, an astute reader reminds me of a robocall that went out to Saanich-Gulf Islands residents in 2008.


Add Kitchener Centre to the list

  1. One might do well to remember a certain article that appeared in the G & M right after the 2011 election, a collaborative effort by CPC (Flanagan, I am positive despite my bad memory) and NDP (Topp, my memory is less certain on the name of the NDP individual involved). This joint NDP-CPC initiative sought to show that the Liberals did not benefit from vote splitting but had in fact gained from vote splitting. This was revisionism, Canadian-style, at its best. The facts showed otherwise.

    So I question NDP’s motives now in this current case. Why is Pat Martin of the colourful language taking the lead? NDP can’t be trying to derail the whole thing, but I don’t know why a man who has to resort to crazy tactics to get his name in print should be leading the charge (or was this weekend). Don’t ask me why, but I feel cheapened by his involvement.

    Now we have more than 10 percent of all ridings coming under fire. An isolated incident, Mr. MacKay? I would say otherwise.  

  2. I am delighted this scandal is occurring but I don’t think it’s going to lead to much, unfortunately. All parties engage in dodgy tactics against opponents, even within their own parties, but Cons are somehow an aberration? 

    So far, all this scandal has illustrated is that Cons have more money and can invest in 21st century shenanigans while their opponents are still stuck with 20th century tactics because they have less money to spend. 

    This scandal is also illuminating in how convinced Liberals are that elections are being stolen from them and their third party status has nothing at all to do with their lack of coherent ideas and disdain for regular Canadians. 

    Winnipeg Free Press Feb 24:
    Manitoba MP Niki Ashton is fighting back against opponents in the NDP leadership race she says are playing dirty. Ashton went off against Quebec MP Thomas Mulcair this week, accusing him of spreading a rumour in Quebec that she was dropping out of the race.

    “Warren Kinsella is the author of Kicking Ass in Canadian Politics ….. Warren Kinsella is Canada’s own “Prince of Darkness.” From the moment he was recruited to help the Liberals in the campaign to unseat Kim Campbell in 1993, Kinsella became an enthusiastic advocate of tough, in-your-face politics …. You’ll learn about push-polling, frugging, ratf**king, quick response, dirty tricks and oppo, and you’ll learn how to counter them all.”

  3. Must correct my post. The joint article by NDP-CPC suggesting that the Liberals benefited from vote splitting was written by Boessenkool (not Flanagan) and Topp. I found the article. It really does fly in the face of the facts. Here is a link to the article (don’t know if it will work or not):

  4. Why has electoral fraud become an issue all of a sudden – If all these stories were in papers before, and on day of, 2011 election why are we just having this debate now? It’s a bit late to be pretending to be worried about democracy.

    Apparently, Canadian journos and their Liberal chums have no problem with election fraud when its first reported but they get knickers in a twist a year later when it becomes partisan issue. Canadians don’t mind electoral fraud if it can help their side, only have problem with it once it’s apparent they are losers.

    • Fraud is fraud and this is just wrong, regardless of who is responsible.

    • Because before, Elections Canada and the RCMP weren’t involved. That gave the story credibility, which gave it legs.