Add Nipissing-Timiskaming to the list -

Add Nipissing-Timiskaming to the list


Former Liberal MP Anthony Rota tells the CBC that people in his riding received calls, purported to be from Elections Canada, that direct them to incorrect polling stations.

In a separate interview, the CBC asks Defence Minister Peter MacKay about the robocalls and Mr. MacKay says “I think they’ve identified the individual that was involved in this” and “that individual is no longer in the employment of the party.” But it’s unclear to whom—Michael Sona? Someone else?—he is referring because neither the Harper government nor the party have identified any such person.


Add Nipissing-Timiskaming to the list

  1. MacKay simply can’t be trusted. Ask David Orchard and the Progressive Conservative Party.

  2. I think this is mostly partisan mud slinging so haven’t been paying too close attention but this is odd story. Electoral fraud was reported a year ago, elections canada did nothing but now pols are making this into political issue. 

    How did Cons find and identify Sona so quickly? I am convinced authorities tolerate a certain amount of corruption because all parties do it – they cancel each other out. Sona was only sacrificed once it become politically expedient. 

    I don’t think there will be much fallout from this ‘scandal’ – none of our parties would survive expose into their campaign war rooms – but some random dude has been sacrificed to Gods and soon our pols will move on to their next outrage of week.

    • I think it’s bigger than that Tony. this was a planned assault on the rights of the citizenry to vote in a supposedly fair democratic election. Subversion of democracy is what fascists do.  

  3. Former Liberal MP Anthony Rota lost his bid for a fourth term in Nipissing-Timiskaming, Ont., by 18 votes

    A popular MP loses by 18 votes….it just screams ‘fishy’

    And not in one or two ridings…..but now in 36.

    • If only he could have dumped $50 million of gravy into the riding, just like Tony Clement.

  4. “that individual is no longer in the employment of the party.”

    Ah.. gave him his sabbatical did you?  How long will this one last before you hire him back?