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The Globe looks at York Centre.

In York Centre, where incumbent Liberal MP Ken Dryden lost to a Conservative challenger by more than 6,300 votes, the Liberals say they’ve now verified at least 12 complaints of misleading calls. They say many more complaints were forwarded to Elections Canada following the May 2 ballot last year.

Eduardo Harari, a Liberal supporter in the riding, said he received a call from Conservatives during the election campaign asking him if they could count on his support. He indicated he was going to vote Liberal. Mr. Harari said his home subsequently received eight robo-calls, starting on April 21, 2011, falsely claiming his polling station had been moved. The last one came on May 2. He has a record of all the calls – which came from an unidentified number – on his phone bill … He said the calls, which were a recording of a woman speaking in both English and then French, said the polling station had been relocated to a suite at 3100 Wilson Ave.


Add one more to the list

  1. Sounds like EC could see if his number and the times of those call match up with records of calls made through Racknine, assuming Racknine keeps records of the calls.  Meier is saying “Pierre Poutine” only made one batch of calls, whereas this one has different polling info than the Guelph calls.

  2. He’s an admitted Liberal supporter so he’s untrustworthy by default/Sore losers!/Copypasta about mass delusions/Leadnow encourages false reports so Libs+NDP are the real crooks!/Conservatives got calls too/No proof of party involvement/No proof of upper-level party involvement/Pat Martin is shrill!/Be skeptical of the media because they’re all libby lib libs/Intelligent reporters are avoiding this story/The Liberals probably did it to themselves!/AdScam!!!!!

    Have I covered the probable CPC supporter responses?

    • He probably spoofed his phone bill?

    • You forgot standing with child pornographers, doesn’t support the troops, supports criminals not victims.

  3. Everyone received calls before election? Malevolent goblins take over call centres last election or what? 

    Ottawa Citizen – March 9:

    On the day “Pierre Poutine” activated the burner cellphone used to launch his robocall blitz on voters in Guelph, a young Conservative campaign worker sent out a message on Twitter warning of “voter suppression calls” aimed at his party.

    Andrew Prescott, deputy campaign manager to Guelph Conservative candidate Marty Burke, tweeted on April 30, “Anti-#CPC voter suppression phone calls currently underway in Guelph, suspecting #LPC #elxn41” — referencing the Twitter shorthand for the Liberal Party of Canada and the 41st general election.

    Prescott, a self-described cellphone expert, followed up a few minutes later with another tweet claiming that these phone calls were “using spoofed Caller-ID of Burke campaign. I ‘wonder’ who it could be …”
    Later, Prescott tweeted about these alleged calls again, saying “#LPC internal polling must be BAD, considering the dirty voter suppression calls underway in Guelph …”

    He also sent a public Twitter message to CBC blogger Kady O’Malley, speculating the Liberals’ internal polling “must be REALLY BAD, voter suppression calls in Guelph AND Halton … anywhere else?”

    • I think that was pre-emptive to cover someone’s Con butt.

      • Are Cons evil geniuses, dullards, or both at same time? 

        • All that and more!

        • Evil dullards.

          I’d suggest that hanging your hopes on the tweets of Andrew Prescott is… unwise… to say the least.

        • It’s simply Harper Derangement Syndrome. Most of the commenter’s here have been lapping up their own bathwater for so long that logical reasoning fails them every time. These same people who are calling this the greatest threat in the history of democracy will be defending the LPC as soon as it’s revealed that they’re behind all of this crap.

          • I notice you and “Ellen” use the same insulting, masculine-voiced phrases, and always ‘like’ each other’s comments.  I think you are the same person, trying to make it look like there are loads of people out there who condone the illegal methods used by cpc to “win” a majority. 

          • In Rick’s eyes we are nothing but a bunch a braying donkeys because we refuse to drink the koolaid.

          • Yes, I know. Everybody on the internet who isn’t a radical leftist is actually one person being paid by the CPC. I suggest you re-secure your tin foil hat.

          • No Rick those are your words. You directed them at the voting habits of people who live in Ontario. I can tell that my riding has had Conservative, Liberal and NDP members as representatives. The Conservative rode on Mulroney’s coattails as he couldn’t assemble a cogent sentence at any of the all candidates meetings (Andrew Witer). The Liberal members used to be parachuted in by Chretien I’m guessing as a reward for party loyalty (with the exception of Gerrard Kennedy) and the NDP member is currently Peggy Nash, a person who has work her butt off to win the riding. I’ve pretty voted all over the map (but never for Chretien’s toadies). 

            When has Calgary ever voted for anyone but a CRAPer? Why do incompetent people like Anders get a free pass when it comes to voting in Calgary West? I see that he’s getting throttled in The Herald these days. Maybe he will get hi comeuppance after all.

            Braying donkeys? Maybe but we’re certainly not sheep/lemmings.

          • Oh please. I suggest you go look back at some of Wherry’s recent posts and look at the ridiculous hyperbole that takes place in the comments.

            The reason that pretty much everybody out west consistently votes CPC is because everybody here has realized that it’s the only party that won’t sell us down the river the moment it becomes politically expedient. It’s the same reason why those in Quebec rarely vote CPC, because Quebecers want government that will rob western provinces to fund Quebec social programs.

            Except unlike Quebec, we’re not out to take advantage of other provinces, we just want a fair shake.

    • I note he’s not saying anyone has been sent to the wrong polling station, being called after midnight or lying about which party they’re from.

      • Spoofing a caller-ID would be lying about which party you’re from. Or are you now reversing yourself to the point that voter suppression is OK, as long as it’s technically legal?

        • I suppose that’s actually correct depending on how the alleged call showed up on the alleged caller ID and how that measured against alleged content of the alleged call once an alleged voter picked up.

          For the record I think “voter suppression” has been given a wide definition in the past few weeks.  If people are going to call and say nasty things about another party  which are true or reasonable it’s OK.  Unreasonable things or outright lies like the Conservatives did with Cotler is despicable.  Misrepresenting yourself or delivering false information about where to vote is despicable and should carry heavy penalties.

    • Given all the furor around these things currently, it seems odd then that we don’t have a lot of CPC folks coming out to say they received these voter suppression calls.

      Oh wait, I misread.. he clearly said it wasn’t CPC voters who the calls were trying to suppress, it was the anti-CPC.. aka opposition.

      Actually.. when you read it like that.. it seems he’s doing status updates for the voter suppression campaign.

      • I think that’s the story — Liberals are so stupid that they’re strategy is to call their supporters, spoofing the Con party, then complain to EC that the vote was unfair.

        I recall DD trying that one out when the allegation first came out.

      • And the deal is sealed because it’s  “The Lieberals.”

      • The Werewolf who cried “Wolf.”

      • Given all the furor around these things currently, it seems odd then
        that we don’t have a lot of CPC folks coming out to say they received
        these voter suppression calls.

        It’s not odd at all. CPC supporters are receiving these calls.You’re not hearing about it because it’s not in Aaron Wherry’s interest to tell you that and thus scuttle his narrative.

        I mean…Aaron points us to article after article about how EC has gotten 31000 complaints…but doesn’t tell us why they have so many.

        He listed St. Bonafice as one of the “suspect” ridings…without pointing out that the complaints in that riding came from Shelley Glover’s conservative supporters. He just quietly adds it to “the list”. Seems like it would be useful information to include, wouldn’t it? Why do you think he did that? EDIT: Aaron has pointed out that he did point this out (albeit in a later post), and also pointed out another riding where complaints were driven by Conservatives. Mea culpa

        Thwim you’ve been reading here a long time…do you honestly think it’s odd that information which might downplay this scandal or otherwise lead it away from the Conservatives doesn’t make Aaron’s list of what’s fit to link to? Really???

        • St. Boniface is a conservative riding. But I don’t see anything saying it’s CPC supporters who are complaining.  All I’ve found so far on it is this: 

          Which says that “Volunteers on Mr. Simard’s campaign began receiving complaints in mid-April, the candidate told Postmedia. “A couple times I could hear some of our volunteers saying, ‘No. It can’t be our volunteers. We’re trained and we’re not rude to people.’”

          Mr. Simard was the Liberal candidate.

          • It’s in Aaron’s post.

            This was the story he linked to when adding St. Bonafice to “this list”. Buried in a group of 5 others. Without pointing out that the complaints were from CPC supporters. EDIT: Aaron has pointed out that he did point this out (albeit in a later post), and also pointed out another riding where complaints were driven by Conservatives. Mea culpa

            The CPC supporters complaining of being called are out there. But this story aside, you’re mostly on your own to find them in the depths of conservative blogs, if you’re willing to go into the belly of the beast and find them…the media are not going to spoon feed them to you the way they do the liberal complainers.

          • Hm. That’s interesting. Got more links? I’m curious as to how widespread this really is.

            Wherry: Any breakdown of the ridings where the complaints are by CPC supporters as opposed to the other parties?

          • @Thwim

            In the comments here, the blog author points out:

            “Lastly, here in Ajax, the Conservative campaign headquarters fo Chris
            Alexander received numerous complaints from supporters irate that the
            party had called them several times on one day, including late at night.
            Problem is the party in fact HAD NOT made calls that day.

            Elections Canada was notified in May 2011.”

            I know I saw complaints of polling station changes from conservative supporters on a blog elsewhere, but can’t find it right now.

            To my knowledge, no media outlet in Canada other than Sun has yet pointed out that 31000 “complaints” to Elections Canada are actually mostly automatically generated email spam from a left wing advocacy site. Even if you ignore the rest of what’s in Adler’s commentary…doesn’t that seem like something that should be news to you?

          • So.. two.  Two out of forty total.

            I think I can safely stand by my original statement.

          •  @Thwim:disqus

            Technically 4, at least (St Bonafice, Sarnia, Ajax, and Peterborough).

            Like I said, you have to dig for them. I gave just one example I found but I’m sure there’s more.

          • Hmm…OK, so you did mention it later, and one much earlier at the time of reporting it. Mea culpa…though I still suggest that more attention could have been drawn to the fact St. Bonafice was conservative driven at the time you posted it, not buried in a later post. Nevertheless, I’ve edited my post above. Thanks.

        • Me, two weeks ago: “The Observer and Conservative MP Patricia Davidson report calls in Sarnia-Lambton.” http://www2.macleans.ca/2012/02/28/add-three-more-to-the-list/

          • Noted above.

            Obviously I still have a lot of problems with how you choose to cover things, and more specifically what you ignore when you cover these kinds of stories…but that’s a bigger problem than just this blog; and if I’m going to criticize your coverage I at least owe it to you to get my facts right, and I’ll do my best to correct the record if and when I get them wrong.

      • No, in the public eye, there aren’t many — however here on these fora, there is suddenly an influx of vehement cpc supporters posting night and day, all sounding the same, trying to drown out the discourse of those who want to see answers.  Why is power so important that any road to it is okay?  Why don’t cpc supporters want answers too? 

        • They have the answers. They just don’t like them.

      • Perhaps because your typical CPC voter hangs up milliseconds after realizing it’s a robocall.  Seems Lib and Dipper folk listen to them to the end, then immediately do what the recorded voice on the phone tells them to do.  Thus does the reason for their support of their chosen parties become clearer.

        The whole issue has piqued my curiosity – has anyone ever received a robocall on any matter that had even a scintilla of actual significance?  I’ll grant you that some folk may not be able to ID a call as a robocall right off the bat, but for those who can, do any of you seriously think information of any importance is about to be shared with you via robocall?

        • Perhaps. Or perhaps because they didn’t receive any. 

        • Preston used to robocall people…I doubt you hung up on him.

  4. Thwim wrote:

    “Perhaps. Or perhaps because they didn’t receive any. ”

    Rest assured, we got lots. The only one I listened to beyond a couple of seconds was from the late Mr. Layton, lest anyone still think these rob-ominations are the exclusive tool of any of the parties.

    • Nobody’s suggesting that all parties don’t use robo-calls.
      What’s being suggested is that the robo-calls directing people to the wrong voting areas are overwhelmingly being done to Liberal supporters.

  5. OE1 wrote:

    “Preston used to robocall people…I doubt you hung up on him.”

    I most certainly did, and it remains a sore point between he and I to this day.  Were I Moses and the Lord chose to communicate with me via robocall, the world would be without commandments.

    • LOL well hyperbole aside, you must have been the only Reformer who did then.

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