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A voter reports a suspicious call in Egmont.

The woman said she usually hangs up on automated calls of any kind, but only stayed on the line to listen to the entire message when it identified it was coming from Elections Canada. “That was what grabbed my attention enough to say, ‘I need to hold onto this call,” she said. “Then as they were talking, I remember thinking, ‘Geez. It’s pretty close to the election for something like this.’ Then by the time the message was over and I realized they were telling me I had to go somewhere else to vote, it wasn’t a real person so I couldn’t ask (why).”

The caller said their polling station had been moved from Mont Carmel to Miscouche. The couple checked their voter information card, which said nothing of a poll change, so they went to their proper polling station believing they could find out there if a switch had indeed been made. No change had been made and they voted as usual.


Add one more to the list

  1. Obviously a fake riding/Liberals actually made the call so we shouldn’t release records/Didn’t affect overall results/Complaint is fake and probably criminal/Vikileaks the real issue/etc. etc.

    There, CPC.  done it for you.  No need to post any other of your lame excuses. 

    • I think you’re missing some O’Rourke quote.

    • I agree – conservatives should not be allowed to post comments on here, ever.

      • LOL

        See GMFD?  You missed one.

  2. Mr Lisa Goes To Washington:

    Page: Senator, there’s a problem at the essay contest.
    Senator: Please, son, I’m very busy.
    Page: A little girl is losing faith in democracy!
    Senator: Good Lord!

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