Add Pierrefonds-Dollard to the list -

Add Pierrefonds-Dollard to the list


The CBC finds another riding with allegations of phone calls about polling stations.

Bernard Patry, a fellow Liberal candidate and former MP, said he was approached by two voters from his riding of Pierrefonds-Dollard who said they’d received calls and been directed to the wrong polling station. “I would like first of all to get an inquiry about this,” Patry said. “There’s too many things that went wrong during this campaign.”


Add Pierrefonds-Dollard to the list

  1. Is this article anything more than random partisan Liberals phoning the cbc in order to whinge about how life isn’t fair? 

  2. “I have never heard of a riding called Pierrefonds-Dollard” Dean Del Mastro

    • He looked rattled yesterday in HoC; can’t keep up — I imagine they are told to never veer off the script, so when something new  comes up, they look all deer in headlights and repeat ad nauseum the script that is no longer appropriate.

      Still, why would you put the likes of del Mastro on this?

      • I think it’s just another sign of the contempt that Mr. Harper feels for the opposition and for the general public. It’s deliberate disrespect.  

      • He looked totally lost today — almost squirming as he asked, “Where’s the beef?”

  3. You forgot to preface this story with “This one time?  At band camp?”

    • Getting a little warm in here for you is it, Trent?

      You otta try the G&M site where commenters are calling him Crime Minister Harper.

      • and don’t forget Prime Sinister Harper, leader of the Criminal Party of Canada.

        • Nice legacy Sleazy Steve is racking up ….I heard that one this am.

          • I’ve been reading some very funny poèmes about Pierre Poutine calling the Beaver Tail – which would not pass censure here.

            I must write this somewhere today:

            Mon cher Henri, c’est à ton tour de te laisser parler d’amour
            Bon 76e anniversaire, Pocket Rocket

          • Aaron’s scraping of the bottom barrel reminds me of another great French Canadian poem:

            A s’parfume à térébentineA couraille la rue Sainte-CatherineQui ça? Bobépine!

  4. I’d really rather an inquiry was held. Full on, public inquiry into the calls that attempted to suppress votes by providing misleading poll location change information (false, incorrect, both); calls that purported to be from Elections Canada (might overlap – two offenses); political party involvement (execution of these; knowledge of them; planning if there was any) and Elections Canada’s lack of appropriate staff, competence, authority, processes — pick any that apply — that have prevented the timely investigation of these and Elections Canada’s complete lack of accountability and transparency.

    The expectation would be some recommendations for changes to EC and or the Elections Act and possibly criminal convictions of responsible individuals… although maybe only the RCMP can do that last bit.

    Let’s get ‘er done!